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—Muriel Rukeyser


New From Story Merchant Books: Educating Marston: A Mother and Son's Journey through Austism

LOS ANGELES, CA—Story Merchant Books releases its newest work of nonfiction: Educating Marston: A Mother and Son’s Journey through Autism by Christine Weiss. In 1995, Marston was born five weeks premature but otherwise “fine.” As days turned into weeks (and months), Christine realized her son was not like the other so-called normal kids. With her husband, Dr. Eric Weiss, taking a second job in an ER on the weekends, Christine began her journey of researching and implementing every therapy and treatment out there to help heal Marston’s injured brain.

“Autism wasn’t widely talked about back then, and Facebook (networking) didn’t exist. We were on our own. This memoir is our journey of educating Marston through programs like The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, Vision Therapy, the Tomatis® Method, Marion Blank’s approach to reading, hypotherapy, ballroom dancing, and the list goes on…until we discovered STEM CELL REPLACEMENT THERAPY.” 

In PART II of Educating Marston, Eric Weiss, MD details his history studying stem cells, how they work, and how he put their healing potential to the test with an experimental surgery, and then with Marston.

“For the first few weeks after ‘Gail’s’ surgery, the umbilical cord strips just lay there, neither hurting nor helping her open wounds. We needed more time. Three months later, she walked into
my office for the first time without assistance in years. She was healed. The affected regions contained 95 percent new tissue, and only about 5 percent of her skin had scarring. The umbilical cord stem cells had programmed her body to regenerate healthy skin cells. That’s when we knew stem cells could heal our son—and we had to try.” 

Not only did the Weiss family find a doctor to help Marston, they went on to devote part of Eric’s private practice to administering stem cell transfusions. He’s been treating people for autism, physical traumas, and other diseases and disorders through stem cell replacement therapy since December 2018.

“The pain, obstacles, and victories over the last twenty-four years have brought us one step closer to our son living a life of purpose with as much normalcy as possible. We’ve cracked the glass wall separating us from Marston, but we believe stem cell replacement therapy will ultimately shatter it. NOW, IT’S OUR JOB TO SHARE OUR STORY WITH THE WORLD BECAUSE ONE WIN FOR AUTISM IS A VICTORY FOR US ALL.”

To request a review copy or inquire about an author interview, please email chris@storymerchant.com

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