"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Special Feature: Forecast by Jane Tara

It’s difficult to pinpoint the inspiration behind Forecast. There was never a moment or event that led to that light bulb going off, which is what normally happens to me. Instead, a family of psychics simply strolled into my head and wouldn’t leave. It wasn’t a matter of telling their story, but deciding which part of their story to tell. While I eventually stuck to modern day events, my characters and their ancestors mapped out a myriad of tales for me, dating back to the 1500’s. Continue reading….

On top of everything else

Jane Tara now has a book video for herforthcoming novel, FORECAST. Take a look!

With director Brian Jaynes and (most of the) cast of Noire's firstmovie, "Hitting the Bricks," which starts shooting in Los Angeles October 30.

Atchity Entertainment International, Inc.’s new development deal with Spark Digital Media has optioned John Burke (aka Richard O’Connor)’s Duet in Diamonds (Putnam), a nonfiction character study of Diamond Jim Brady and his long romantic relationship with Lillian Russell for an “Aviator-style” feature film—from McIntosh & Otis (Evva Pryor and Ian Polonsky). Atchity will produce along with partner Chi-Li Wong and Spark’s Mark K. Sullivan.

Kayoko, Ken, and Dr. Mohammed Yunus

Kayoko and I had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Mohammed Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner and author of Banker to the Poor, in person Sunday at The Lodge at Torrey Pines, to discuss the new venture we helped arrange between The Yoga Journal and The Grameen Foundation, thanks to Julia Wilson, Grameen’s West Coast Development Exec. Dr. Yunus is the founder of micro-credit, lending money throughout the world to people banks won’t deal with because they have no collateral. Repayment rate is 98%.

Wow! Can’t get much better than this!

Louisiana Book News: 'Other People's Skin' looks at issues of skin color

Walking around in 'Other People's Skin'

Euleatha LeMoyne was not what her mother expected.

A descendant of LeMoyne brothers, founders of Louisiana, Euleatha's mother, Peaches, is proud of her light skin, setting her apart literally and socially from her dark-skinned neighbors. When Euleatha is born the shade of "scorched caking mud," Peaches faints at the sight of her.

So begins the heart-wrenching story by best-selling author Tracy Price-Thompson titled Other People's Skin, one of four novellas in a book of the same name that tackles the issues of skin color and hair among black women (Atria Books, $14).

TaRessa Stoval's advertising executive confronts prejudice from a black client who insists on a lighter-skinned model while NPR's Desiree Cooper dissects skin color issues in relationships. Elizabeth Atkins Bowman offers a woman who's "too white to be all the way black. Or too black to be all the way white."
But it's Price-Thompson story set in 1970s Louisiana that anchors the book. A winner of the 2002 Hurston/Wright Award for short fiction, it delivers a scorching testament to the prejudices that occur on both sides of the paper bag test. While Euleatha grows up with resentment from her mother and sister, her great-grandmother provides the love and wisdom she so desperately needs, including the ultimate lesson in which Euleatha must walk in other people's skins.

It's a marvelous collection that offers great fodder for discussion

Forecast continues gaining momentum

Here's her latest, from Romantic Times. Jane is now co-signed with RGM Management in Sydney. Hurrah, Jane!

Forecast by Jane Tara 4 1/2 stars

A breezy and lighthearted romance by an author who knows her new age and alternative philosophies, this one will put a smile on your face. Tara makes the para-normal normal and the happily-ever-afters seem like destiny. Wonderful characters and a well crafted story arc make this a recipe for a beautiful weekend.
Continue reading….