"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


Angelina Jolie on the set of Life or Something Like It along with director Stephen Herek and Billy Bob Thornton.

In this Film Courage video, Dr. Kenneth Atchity (Author, Publisher, Producer), shares how his own pursuit of living his dreams spawned a book on the subject and what blocks most people's road to success

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KEN ATCHITY: Never Give Up

What are the ingredients of a New York Times Best Seller? Ken Atchity has the answers and they are not what you expect. He is a movie producer, author of over 20 nonfiction books and novels. He has spent his lifetime helping writers get started and improve their careers. Writing was in his blood from the beginning. ‘I never understood writers’ block because I never had it,” he says.

What is the right mindset for being successful as a self-published writer?

It’s about what Winston Churchill said: “Never give, never give, never give up!” Don’t doubt yourself, keep working and learning more about your craft.

You wrote over 20 non-fiction books and novels. Are you still learning?

Yes, I am. I am always learning. I love writing because it’s a way of focusing your learning. I write the book first, then I do the research and spend years revising the book.

Some writers confessed that they don’t read books when they work on something new…

While you write your first draft, there is no need for you to read something else.The time to start reading other things is after you’ve finished it and improved it. You can always study yourself to death and never finish the first draft. And that’s the danger of it, or being influenced by other voices. It is much better to get your voice clear in the first draft and then give yourself a limited amount of time to do further research to make sure things are accurate. You would be surprised how often your imagination gets things pretty much right.

What do you appreciate most in a book?

I love books that take you to another world and keep you there the whole time. A storyteller who knows his craft will do this by not making a single mistake. A mistake is something that takes you suddenly out of that world.

You helped several authors to make the New York Times Best Sellers list. What are the ingredients of a bestseller?

That list is a victim of the changing times we are living now. In today’s world, a person needs to be famous or write about someone who is. The most recent three NY Times Best Sellers were about John Kennedy. But this list is not the only judge. Selling books on the Internet is a direct and immediate way to see if you could find an audience for your book.

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Write Short Stories!

Need a stronger plot or sharper dialogue for your novel?

Award-winning author Dennis Palumbo suggests writing short stories.

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Vince DiPersio: Original Sins on Hey Humans with Susan Ruth


Vince DiPersio is a documentarian. His award-winning work in film and t.v. as an audio-visual storyteller has covered decades of events and humans, including; "The Kennedy Detail," “The Last Days of Kennedy and King,” “The Big Question,” “People of Earth,” “Hate. com,” “Who Killed Tupac,” and most recently, in partnership with Kim Kardashian West, “The Justice Project,” among others.

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Panic Attack - Virtual Launch with Dennis Palumbo at Mystery Lovers Bookshop!

 Please join the virtual book launch of Panic Attack with Dennis Palumbo!

Psychologist Daniel Rinaldi is no stranger to trauma. A survivor of not one, but two attempts on his life by a deranged killer, the therapist also counsels trauma patients in his private practice, and contracts with the Pittsburgh Police to help victims of violent crime cope with their experience. When a sports mascot is gunned down mid-field by a sniper at a college football game he attends, Rinaldi becomes an accidental yet integral part of the investigation. To begin with, the victim in the costume is not the person who was supposed to be wearing it.

When the actual "Teasdale Tiger" hears the news, he suffers a crippling panic attack and calls on Rinaldi to talk him through it. From there, Rinaldi seems to be in all the wrong places at all the wrong times, as the sniper continues his killing spree. Meeting with resistance from members of the Pittsburgh Police force and taking dangerous risks in pursuit of the killer, Rinaldi puts his career and his life in harm's way as he races to find a connection between the victims before the shooter strikes again.


About the author:

Dennis Palumbo, M.A., MFT is a writer and licensed psychotherapist in private practice, specializing in creative issues. His acclaimed series of mystery thrillers–Mirror Image, Fever Dream, Night Terrors, Phantom Limb, Head Wounds  and the new Panic Attack (Sourcebooks/Poisoned Pen Press) features psychologist and trauma expert Daniel Rinaldi. He’s also the author of Writing From the Inside Out (John Wiley), as well as a collection of mystery short stories, From Crime to Crime (Tallfellow Press).

Formerly a Hollywood screenwriter, Palumbo’s credits include the feature film My Favorite Year, for which he was nominated for a WGA Award for Best Screenplay. He was also a staff writer for the ABC-TV series Welcome Back, Kotter, and has written numerous series episodes and pilots.


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Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 7:00pm
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Panic Attack Cover Image
ISBN: 9781464213458
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Published: Sourcebooks - September 1st, 2021

Favorite Quotes

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

— Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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Sisters In Crime: Grand Canyon Writers Feature Dennis Palumbo!

Dennis Palumbo – Member Spotlight

Meet Dennis Palumbo. Bestselling author, Dennis Palumbo, credits a childhood gift with the inspiration behind his award-winning, Daniel Rinaldi thriller series. “When I was ten and home from school with the mumps, my father gave me a beautiful, hardcover, illustrated edition of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” he explained. “I’ve been faithful to that delightful marriage of storytelling and the mystery genre ever since.”

The ten-year-old soon forgot the mumps, but not the fascination ignited by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s crafty sleuth. After his college graduation, Dennis became a scriptwriter for the groundbreaking, Emmy-nominated, ratings-giant, Welcome Back, Kotter. He was also tapped to write scripts for numerous other television productions.

He wrote the original story of, then co-authored the screenplay for, My Favorite Year, a box-office hit that earned legendary leading man, Peter O’Toole, an Academy Award nomination, and garnered Dennis a nomination for Best Screenplay from the Writers Guild of America. Yet, throughout his Hollywood career, he maintained his youthful wish to write mysteries.

Dennis’s decision to leave the silver screen behind and begin his career as a licensed psychotherapist—specializing in creative issues—led him to write the cutting edge, critically-acclaimed, Writing from the Inside Out: Transforming Your Psychological Blocks to Release the Writer Within. The bestselling, non-fiction tome is highly praised by authors, screenwriters and artists as “inspirational”, “practical”, “motivating” and “a must have for all writers”. The book is currently used to teach classes in more than 200 universities world-wide. Writers and other creative professionals in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia credit it as life-changing.

The Hollywood Reporter lauded Writing from the Inside Out as “… An eminently readable book that deftly identifies stumbling blocks and how to overcome them…(it) is more than a little food for thought. It’s the promise of an entire spiritual banquet for emotionally debilitated creative writers.”

Numerous other writing projects followed. Then, the roads of Dennis’s childhood dream and his career as a licensed psychotherapist intersected when he began writing his internationally lauded Rinaldi thrillers.

“All of my novels feature psychologist and trauma expert Daniel Rinaldi,” he said. “As a consultant to the Pittsburgh Police, he treats victims of violent crime—those who may have survived the kidnapping, home invasion or sexual assault but are still traumatized by the experience.”

Each book in his riveting, bestselling series, including Fever Dream, Night Terrors, Phantom Limb and Mirror Image, has earned rave reviews and more Rinaldi fans. The fifth Daniel Rinaldi novel, Head Wounds, was named a “Best Thriller of 2020” by Suspense MagazinePublishers Weekly stated, “(The Daniel Rinaldi novels) are riveting.” Oscar-winning writer and producer (Crash and Million Dollar Baby), Bobby Moresco said, “Rich, complex thrillers…with surprising twists and characters that leap off the page.”

Dennis’s column, “The Writer’s Life,” appeared monthly for six years in Written By, the magazine of the Writers Guild of America. He’s also done commentary for NPR’s All Things Considered. Currently he writes the “Hollywood on the Couch” column for the Psychology Today website, and provides articles and reviews for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Lancet, and others.

His work helping writers has been profiled in The New York Times, Premiere Magazine, Fade In, Angeleno, GQ, The Los Angeles Times and other publications, as well as on NPR and CNN. He’s also appeared numerous times on Between the Lines, the PBS author interview show.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and Pepperdine University, he served on the faculty of UCLA Extension, where he was named Outstanding Teacher of the Year. Dennis conducts workshops throughout the country and overseas, at both clinical symposia and writing conferences—often to packed rooms—receiving rave reviews.

His short fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, The Strand, Black Cat Mystery Magazine, critically-acclaimed anthologies, his own collection of short mysteries, From Crime to Crime (Tallfellow Press) and elsewhere.

Dennis’s sixth Daniel Rinaldi thriller, Panic Attack (Sourcebooks/Poison Pen Press) is scheduled to debut in September of this year. His first novel, City Wars (Bantam Books) is currently in development as a feature film.

The long ago hopes of a ten-year-old boy, to one day write mysteries, became reality and Dennis’s pleasure in achieving that goal is evident. Now entering his 30th year in private practice as a therapist, he recently reflected on this, noting, “…the past decade has been highlighted by my opportunity to fulfill that ambition with my Daniel Rinaldi novels. Something about the symmetry of that journey surprises and gratifies me to this day.”

To learn more about Dennis go to www.dennispalumbo.com


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Joe Somebody

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Everybody wants to be somebody and Joe Scheffer (Tim Allen) is no exception. But Joe feels like he's a nobody. A talented video specialist at a Minneapolis pharmaceutical company, he regularly has been passed over for a long-promised promotion. And Joe is faring no better in his personal life, as he still pines for ex-wife Callie (Kelly Lynch). But when Joe's parking space is snatched up by a bullying co-worker who then humiliates him in front of his daughter, Joe decides it's time to make a change. A complete makeover brings him newfound success, a striking new look and a quick climb up the corporate ladder. But will Joe's friends and family be able to love the new Joe as much as they loved the old one?

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Kenneth Atchity's Memoir My Obit: Daddy Holding Me Receives Honorable Mention’ in the Hollywood Book Festival

At the prompting of a marketing friend, I was advised to title this book, My Intensely Madcap, Lebanese/Cajun, Jesuit-Schizoid, Terminally Narcissistic, Food-Focused, East Coast/West Coast, Georgetown/Yale, Career-Changing, Cross-Dressing, Runaway Catholic Italophile, Paradoxically Dramatic, Linguistically Neurotic, Hollywood Academic, ADD-Overcompensating, Niche-Abhorring, Jocoserious Obit. But when my designer pointed out that title wouldn’t fit on the spine, much less on any public display list, I changed my mind. Again! The story of my life.

Which this is at least the first volume of. I hope it makes you laugh, spares you some of my grief, and leads you to insist on telling your story to anyone who will listen.”

In Memoriam Ed Asner

If you ran into Ed in his last four years wearing a bright purple polo shirt, chances are it was mine. He almost took it right off me at the first of our several lunches on Ventura Boulevard. I resisted, but went to the internet and ordered three identical ones for him. He called me to say thanks and to invite me to the next lunch. We had in common that we were from Kansas City, that we were both liberals (though he went closer to the wall on that score than I did, and that we both admired the longevity of his irascible humor. It was a pleasure getting to know him personally and I’m sorry to see him go before we could get him into one of our films. Ed, you rocked!

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In this Film Courage video, Dr. Ken Atchity (Author, Publisher, Producer), shares how his own pursuit of living his dreams spawned a book on the subject and what blocks most people's road to success. MORE VIDEOS WITH DR. KEN ATCHITY https://goo.gl/dRBg3F

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Steven Spielberg On Uncertainty... Listen to the Whisper of Your Dreams

Dreams always come from behind you, not right between your eyes. But when you have a dream, it doesn’t often come at you screaming in your face “this is who you are, this is what you must be for the rest of your life”. Sometimes the dream almost whispers. 

And I’ve always said to my kids: the hardest thing to listen to – your instinct, your human personal intuition – always whispers, it never shouts. Very hard to hear. See, you have to, every day of your life, be ready to hear what whispers in your ear; it very rarely shouts. 

And if you can listen to the whisper, and if it tickles your heart, and it’s something you think you wanna do for the rest of your life, then that is going to be what you do for the rest of your life, and we will benefit from everything you do.

~ Steven Spielberg