"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Building Secure Attachment with Dr. Meg Van Deusen

"When we have secure attachment we're more resilient." ~ Dr. Meg Van Deusen

Dr. Meg Van Deusen discusses the importance of building secure attachment in turbulent times, how secure attachment is a foundation for resilience, and how from mindfulness compassion and non-judgement are the basis for secure attachment on 
PTSD and Beyond Podcast with Dr. Deb Lindh.

"Secure attachment says 'everything is going to be okay' and 'we are there for ourselves no matter what',"

~ Dr. Meg Van Deusen

Dr. Van Deusen's book, Stressed in the U.S. : 12 Tools to Tackle Anxiety, Loneliness, Tech-Addiction and More, looks at how current cultural stressors have increased our stress levels, changed our stress levels, and weakened our resilience to stress. Dr. Van Deusen shares that "every minute provides an opportunity to change your life in some positive way."

Check out her book Stressed in the US: 12 Tools to

Tackle Anxiety, Loneliness, Tech-Addiction, and more


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