"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Serdan Ozkan’s The Missing Rose

Serdan Ozkan’s The Missing Rose has been sold to Publicacoes Europa-America (Portugal & Brazil), bringing to 26 the number of countries that have bought rights to his powerful mystical novel.
In Alaya Dawn Johnson’s debut novel, Racing the Dark (agatepublishing.com), women have all the power and girls call the shots. Why the matriarchal society? “I’ve always been interested in writing fantasy stories about women,” says Johnson. “But I notice that most of what I read tends to focus on themes of singular women ‘making it’ or ‘overcoming odds’ in what is incontrovertibly a man’s world. This makes sense, because most fantasy novels are set in very patriarchal societies based on those of Western Europe. Thus, if you focus on a female character, a great deal of the adversity she is faced with is necessarily coupled with her gender.

While I enjoy many novels that use these themes—The Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce, for example—I wanted to try something a little different. I like the idea of matriarchal societies, and though the governments in the book’s larger world aren’t as strictly matriarchal as the society on Lana’s little island, I attempted to create a world where the concept of a Western-style patriarchy had never existed. I wanted to write a story about women that wasn’t defined around men.” Sounds good to us. — Mea Chavez


Baror International on behalf of Atchity Entertainment International has sold a sequel to Royce Buckingham’s DemonKeeper to Random House/Germany, which will publish the first DK as the lead title in its newest imprint, and the sequel 12 months later. DK was published in the U.S. by Putnam, and is in development at Fox 2000.


Thanks to my friend Rick Frishman, this year I’m honored to have been invited back to speak on the opening Panel of Mark Victor Hansen’s MEGA BOOK MARKETING UNIVERSITY at the Westin LAX, February 29-March 3 (I speak Friday night, Feb 29). If you’re interested in learning everything you didn’t know about book marketing, go to Mark’s website and sign up! http://www.markvictorhansen.com/cmd.php?af=731556 See you there. I’ve never witnessed so much energy and information in one place at one time.

A Writer's Road to Publication, Part Deux

From Signing with An Agent to the Book Deal

By Jennifer Minar
From Writer’sBreak.com

It happened. Finally. I landed an agent*!! And not just from any agency, but the perfect one for my book. It took 20 grueling months of cold querying, networking, and sprouting unsightly gray hairs, but it happened!

What's more, I have two agents, not one--a literary agent and a film agent--since the New York City/Beverly Hills-based agency that represents me primarily only signs clients whose projects they consider to be marketable for New York and also for film adaptation in Hollywood.

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12 Hints for Rekindling Your Creative Spark

by Dr. Ken Atchity
Reprinted from Writer's Digest

Sometimes the struggle to publish can drain even the strongest creative dynamo. Here's how to recharge your creativity, to keep your career going...and going...and going...

When you began your struggle to establish a writing career, you were no doubt highly motivated. The joy of challenge, the lure of creativity, lured you into your dream.

But now you've struggled for so long that you may not be feeling that same joy. You may not be feeling it at all. What once seemed so promising now seems like folly at best, madness at worst.

What's happened? You've allowed the struggle to overpower the hope and positive energy you began with. You've forgotten that the creative process follows a natural cycle, from concentration to abandonment. The cycle begins when motivation leads to work; which, when not punctuated with appropriate rest periods, leads naturally to exhaustion; which leads to frustration; then to depression; then, ideally to reassessment and renewal. If you're pursuing a "creative" career, the process of keeping yourself motivated, like the challenge, is endless.

So what do you do when you're not feeling motivated?

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Inside Hollywood: The Reel Path to Success in the Motion Picture Industry

Ken Atchity’s “Inside Hollywood: The Reel Path to Success in the Motion Picture Industry,” [with Richard Warren Rappaport and Emilia Patricia Graham] appeared as the lead article in Entertainment and Media Law Contract Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Assessing Financial Implications, identifying Potential Risks, and Successfully Negotiating the Right Terms (Inside the Minds) Aspatore Books, 2007, pp. 7-35.

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Radford to build 'Taj'

Atchity, Cairo, Simpson, Wong will produce film

Michael Radford is set to direct "Taj," the love story between 17th century Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, the queen for whom he built the Taj Mahal as a mausoleum.

Krishna Shah wrote the script.

Michael A. Simpson and Judy Cairo are producing with Ken Atchity and Ch-Li Wong. Pic will shoot in India later this year and is being aimed for a September start.

Radford, best known for directing "Merchant of Venice" and "Il Postino," was born in New Delhi; "Taj" would be the first film he's shot in his home country. Radford recently visited Mumbai to scout locations.

Pic will cost $25 million, and Atchity said most of the funds are in place, with WMA Independent piecing together the remaining territories.


In a no-win situation, would you make a deal with the devil?

Noire’s first film, “Hitting the Bricks,” based on her forthcoming novel from Ballantine by the same name is now in postproduction. To learn more about it—and to see photos of the cast---
See the press kit here