"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser



Dear Mr. Atchity,

I just wanted to drop you a brief note to thank you for the creative writing inspiration you've provided me over the past year. 

I've never had the privilege of taking one of your courses, but early last year I was lucky to come across a podcast interview on Film Courage where you spoke about people finding the courage to pursue art and dreams. It was exactly what I needed to hear. 

I picked up a couple of your books and explored your ideas further and they resonated. 

Thank you again for your excellent speaking and teaching work and sharing with the world a truly inspiring message.

Best wishes,

Robert Georg



I wanted to chat with you after the event but I missed you. 

You had a few gusie Maucerireat quotes. One in particular that I couldn't fully remember... it was about being utilized. I believe it was a President Johnson quote.  

Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks again for sharing. Very inspiring stuff! 




Hello Dr. Atchity,

I encountered your work through the Film Courage podcast and was struck first by your tone of voice. You convey a groundedness in the way you speak that suggests a depth of wisdom and spirit. I have lived long enough to know that such a groundedness is the product of a lifetime of work. I honor you for that. 

In fellowship,



Hi Ken,

I had the pleasure of hearing you speak yesterday at the Polk Institute event. I was one of the speakers on the subject of equity crowdfund marketing.


Hi Ken:

I’m writing to say that I have been listening to your videos on long summer walks and i am really inspired by the wisdom from so many years of experience which you are sharing with all of us.

Many thanks!


Cynthia Sparrenberger


Hello Dr. Atchity,

Your interview at Film Courage sparked a dying ember in me. My name is Shakirudeen Akinyemi, born to a Nigerian Father and Ghanaian mother. I live in Ghana. I am a documentary filmmaker and aspiring Youtuber. 

I got my first degree in 2009 and my fear of failure has held me from doing a masters abroad, which I have always felt will propel my career and give me and my family a better life. Last year, I took the bold step of applying to a film school in Canada. Now, I am waiting for IRCC's decision on my study permit application which I believe will come out positive.

The main reason why I'm sending you this message is about your interview with Film Courage where you spoke about FEAR, TAKING A STEP, KEEPING ONLY FRIENDS WHO SUPPORT YOU. I have watched this video more than 10 times and even watching it now as I speak to you. 

Your video encouraged me to take active steps on this project which has been placed in my heart, otherwise, nature will place the idea into someone else's heart. I can't express my joy enough having found your video and everything you said in there hit me. Thank you very very much. 


Hi, my name is Chris Wade. 

I am a UK based writer, musician and filmmaker. 

I have a message for Ken Atchity, which I hope will reach him.

I have been watching his videos and reading his interviews lately, and I just wanted to say I am so inspired and actually moved by his words about creativity, about pursuing a creative life and being true to yourself. 

I started a small book publishing outlet in 2008 and I expanded it to include my music and documentary/film work over time. I am still making music and releasing it, writing books, both fiction and non-fiction, and doing little art films and documentaries. 

I never felt right in the regular working world and just could not imagine doing a job I had no interest in for the rest of my life. I wanted to break out. I always wanted to write, to spend time being creative, to be free, and one day I took the plunge. I was 23. It was the best decision ever. 

These days I meet people who act rather odd when I tell them what I do for a living. It started to get to me, and I began to feel rather alienated by people's attitudes. One day I was down about what is often a lonely life, writing in a room alone, recording in the same room alone. Even though I love my work, I felt a little depressed. Being aware that I am different usually sits OK with me, but for some reason I felt weakened, lonely, cut-off. Maybe too different. Then I found Ken's video. I watched him talk about the importance of staying true to your calling and I don't mind admitting I actually wept. He made me realise how important it is to live your dream for you, to do what you were sent here to do. Ken perked me up and I haven't felt insecure about what I do since. In fact, I feel more secure than ever.

So if Ken reads this at all, I want to give him my respect and admiration. His videos are really inspiring and I could listen to him talk for hours on end. 

Thanks so much,

Chris Wade


Dear Dr. Atchity, 

I’ve been listening and watching your interviews on Film Courage for the past few days and i want to say - THANK YOU! 

I’ve been in the business for twenty five years, but as I put together a new project - I’m still being struck by the icy claws of fear, self doubt, that old war-horse fear of ending under a bridge, homeless. You know, the usual mix.   So, your interviews and attitude have been a great salve 

It’s nice to find new heroes.  

All the best,



“I consider the Getting Your Story Straight coaching to be some of the best money I’ve ever spent.”

John P. Shannon



I just watched a great interview with you on YouTube. I loved your idea of a “post-truth” society.

Matthew James


I am just sending you a lil note to say thank you so much for writing the book How to quit your day job and live out your dreams. I listen on Audible , what an inspiration!! 

Dale Phifer

I took a closer look at your website and loved your Quit Your Day Job video. I often think about how many people are truly driven by fear and make decisions based on the perception of safety and stability. I’ve also known that fear, deeply. Thankfully, the gift of desperation eliminated that fear in me. 

Kris Martinez


I just wanted to say thank you for the generosity of spirit you display in the Film Courage interviews about the creative life and following one's dreams, I've watched them all.  I'm an aspiring documentary filmmaker who made the transition from working in film production as an art director in Los Angeles to pursuing the creation of my own films and stories, and hearing your journey has been validating and inspiring.  Keep fighting the good fight. 

Your friend in film,

 Patrick Suzuki Mitchell


I live in Sarasota, Florida. I really love all your videos I've found online. They are very helpful for me as a filmmaker who has embarked on this incredible journey.

Jeffrey W. Lynch


I'm listening to your film courage talk right now as I type.  I'm enjoying it. I'm learning. I'm being inspired.   

I saw Hysteria for the first time last week and it blew me away. I hadn't watched a movie in years. I didn't know you produced it until today.  

Love that movie. It got me back into movies - my first love.  I'm a writer/director and  I want to work with you. I'm going to put that into motion right away!  

Everything you're saying is right. 

Jonathan Kuykindoll


As you have already said, "I’ve known writers who can write a screenplay in three or four days. Their managers tell them never to admit that to the buyers, but it’s true." I don't know if I'm one of them, but your book has impacted me in the best way. 

Your book has been interesting and rich for anyone who wants to break into the world of Hollywood, but it is also a practical example for those who want to break into the world of movies, and also television. 

Its reading clarifies the panorama, not only of the creators, I also consider that it is for those who produce material for audiovisual media anywhere in the world. 

Best regards, 
Jose Amato


My name is Greg Borzilleri. I've come to know you through the interviews you've done on the Film Courage Youtube channel. I'd like to thank you for sharing your knowledge through this medium as it has benefited me greatly. Specifically, your system of compartmentalizing one's time has enhanced my productivity significantly.



Greg Borzilleri



If it was not for Ken Atchity, I would not be an author. Over 70 literary agents turned down my first manuscript... but Ken saw it as a novel and film. I just needed a major rewrite. Nine months later we had a movie deal and a two book deal for MEG!

Congrats. You landed the best manager out there.

Steve Alten, author of The New York Times Bestselling series Meg 


Dr. Kenneth Atchity's mentorship helped me develop my skill with narrative technique. He applied his insight, experience, wit, and wisdom to show me my strengths as a writer and gave me practical tools to overcome my weaknesses. Thanks to him, I can now write with the focus and clarity of a master. 

Robert Rivenbark, author of The Cloud, a prize-winning novel 


Every second- or third-career transition needs a coach, mentor, cheerleader and friend. Ken Atchity fits the bill perfectly. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of literature and writing. Generous coaching skills. An intimate understanding of the anatomy of a novel. And he's a door-opener...from idea to story, from story to the rest of the entertainment world. He's the real deal, the story merchant. 

Dr. Dave Davis


Thank you for posting this timely reminder to ease up on internally imposed pressure and to keep the bigger perspective in mind. 

I also what to thank you for your brilliant book "A Writer's Time" which I recently finished - I liked it so much that I bought both the Kindle version and then the physical version of it. Marvelous!

Emma Montonen
Violinist and Artist 


Was really excited to hear you were speaking with Allison. You have no idea how much I cherish your Ancient Greek Reader!  So thank you thank you thank you for sending it to me all those years ago. It has been a continual treasure to me. 




I heard you on The Bullet Proof Screenwriting Podcast recently and I really liked what you had to say.  The conversation was very informative and inspiring.

I wanted to see if I could set up a free consultation with you to discuss a book that I recently started adapting into a screenplay.

You dropped some nuggets that I would like to elaborate on.

Thanks for your time and let me know what I can do to make this happen

Steven Keller 


I recently saw your Film Courage video on YouTube about "quitting your day job and going after your dream." I've dreamt about being a story teller and create stories and make films on these stories. I usually keep a movie journal with me in case I come up with an idea for a film…. I just really wanted to thank you for your words in that video because it gave a lot of hope and made sense to me. Perhaps someday I will go after my dreams. Who knows.

Best Regards,
Michelle Dash 


I recently watched one of your interviews on Film Courage, and was very impressed by the points you made particularly with regard to screenplays often making good novels before being produced for the screen. 

Anthony Maddalena


As a visual artist (now 66 and preparing to break into the "world of art" after 30 plus years of drafting). I have done tons of research on artists, creativity, what makes us tick and how to understand it or explain it, writing about ones work...etc...etc.

And I have to say I have never heard or seen ANYTHING as balanced, healthy, straight on the money and as clearly delineated as what you are sharing! Right down to your comment about comedians giving us a way to look at the ridiculous stuff our culture comes up with that induce anger and allows us to laugh at it and vent some steam!

Your thoughts and words absolutely resonate 100% with what I sense/feel inside in my heart and head about the creative process and life and I wanted to write to let you know how thankful I am for this amazing work you have done.

Thank you very!!

Cordially yours,
Steve Koch


In the last few months, I’ve had an occasion to enjoy several of your books. I’ve read Messiah Matrix and A Writer’s Time, as well as the detailed compounds of Greek, Roman, and Renaissance literature—owl-eyed, past midnight . . .I congratulate you, Dr. Atchity, for having reached the summit of so many professions, among them  a professor, writer,  producer, and linguist. It has been an honor for me to have my work  read by you/your staff.

Junia Ancaya  


I got Write Time and have been highlighting things that I wanted to compliment you on, but it got so that there was way too much. 

So many pearls of wisdom. Some stuff it took me years to figure out and a lot of new stuff I’m finding invaluable. 

It’s a very rare instance of those that can do choosing to teach and share their method. 

Just great and I’m only half finished. 

John Beuhler


Sitting on a plane back from Singapore watching The Meg. Great film. Solid story.

I'm finishing up the rough draft of the sequel to Rabbit Hole on Mars. In November, I will begin the final chapter to the trilogy of the story. 

Been reading your book on how to write treatments. Very informative and makes sense how some people don't want to read the script, but simply get the feel…

Shawn Monaghan


My name is Stephen, and I’m honestly a huge fan of yours.  I’ve seen probably every interview you’ve got online, read some of your work, and appreciate you’re emphasis on story over medium.

I’m personally interested in comparative epics literature (for example, how do classics like Iliad compare to China’s Journey to the West) and am also totally interested in pursuing a career in the industry.  I’ve also taught seminars in undergrad about story.  Basically, it’s incredibly rare I find anyone who shares similar interests.

Stephen Dwyer


I just watched your two hour Film Courage interview and it was top to bottom filled with stuff that made sense.

That YouTube channel seems to be filled with a lot of people more interested in interviews than writing. 

The intensity graph with the hyphens was a huge tool that I can’t believe you gave away. Because you did, I’m going to read your books. 

Thanks again for being honest and not a needlessly positive or a hyper encouraging shmuck whose advice leads to everybody and their dog getting into movie writing. 

Thanks a lot again for the wisdom. I’ll grab those books right away. 

John Beuhler 


I'm the lady who accosted you on Park Avenue while you were earnestly en-route to your business meeting today :-).  My husband sent me a link to one of your talks about a month ago and it immediately resonated with me. Your candor, wit and intelligent way of simply presenting your journey and thoughts struck me. My dream of being an actor has always been alive in me but instead I have sought the much predictable and safe route. It has been a long and windy route, one in which I am deeply grateful for. All along I've had what it takes to make it happen but I forgot! But I'm remembering and your book and video came to me at a divine time. Instead of looking at my corporate job as a trap I've managed to pivot in seeing what fortune I'd had to have had this kind of "bridge" job. It's allowed me to be financially sound so I when I do quit my job (in December) I'll be able to fully immerse myself in classes and auditions and the whole bit.

To run into you was a true gift...like a "sign" if you will. Real magic!

I thank you for existing. I thank you for being brave enough DESPITE all your fears of giving up the "safe route" to give your testimony. It is being heard. 

I am grateful for you. I wish you nothing by the very best in health, continued fruitful pursuits and success "where it counts" in all your endeavors. 

I hope our paths will cross again!

À tres bientôt! 



I came across you on a series of Film Courage videos on YouTube.  I found your exposition on the creative life and the altitude of excellence to aspire to very compelling.

Emmanuel Peterworth


I am a writer, editor, teacher, and researcher in my late 30s who is going screenwriter, something like I gather you did in your early 40s.  I watched your interviews on Youtube during my ongoing screenwriting crash course, and besides Truby, your commentary has been the most helpful. 

Tim Tolka 


I just finished reading your book Writing Treatments that Sell and had to get in touch to say what an excellent read!

It was so honest and clear, (no B.S.) with really great advice for screenwriters on how to present their ideas to the industry. 

I just wish I’d read it a few years ago before pursuing screenplays that were dead ends and wasted so much time. 

Its my new go-to reference before I start a screenplay. 

Thanks again,
Jonathan O'Brien


I have seen your YouTube videos on productivity, the publishing vs. film worlds, etc.  Very impressed by your wise words.

Best wishes,
Bill Abelson


I really loved your segments on Film Courage. Very honest and funny. Thx for sharing!

Mercedes M. Augusta


How are you mate?  I’m an uneducated Londoner. Your YouTube sold you to me. Brilliant.

God bless,



I came across your interviews on Film Courage, and want to say thank you for taking the time to share your view on type C personalities, I've found it very useful. I'm also reading your book, 'How to Quit Your Day Job and Live Out Your Dreams' and find it very insightful.

Thanks again for the YouTube interviews and books, I'm learning a lot about how a person like me functions. 


Sedi Draguta


Ken.... you are living the dream…hope you enjoy life.

You have done a great service to many people by publishing Last Plane Out of Saigon. One reviewer said it was the last word on the Vietnam War and another that it should be read by all policy makers!

Richard Pena


My name is Geoffrey Goldstein. I am a full-time screenwriter who is armored by your career and commitment to filmmaking and writers in particular. I learned about you from videos - Film Courage on YouTube.

Thank you and Shalom


This may sound ridiculous but...

I’m a 39 year hip hop artist from Toronto, Canada. A husband, and father to 3 [a 6 year old girl, and twin girls who arrived last Tuesday]. I work in a spoiler factory, managing the components department, for slightly above minimum wage - barely enough to support my family. 

5 years ago, my music career was experiencing a pretty outstanding, critically-acclaimed Canadian run, which by US standards means...absolutely nothing at all.  I slammed right into a brick wall the second the demon controlling my marionette strings decided it needed more time with me. I began my streak of losses. I lost my job. Then lost my home. Following that, my wife and daughter. My motivation. My career. My fans. My money. A few friends to overdoses - one whom I found the following morning after a bender. And most importantly...time. I lost 5 years. 

I attribute this to God, or the universe, or whatever you wanna call it - let’s just call it...Glenn. With 2 N’s - but a year and a half ago I decided to change. I knew the reaper was googling my address, so I dragged myself to a hospital and enrolled into a program. If you told me the day before that day that I’d one day be clean, and back with my family...I would have laughed. It was the impossible. But I triumphed. 

Reason I’m telling you this is because I’m currently in a corner. A corner in a dark room, in an unfinished basement with a paper and pen, ready to change the fucking world. I have everything, but the one thing I’ve always wanted...a career in entertainment. My family is incredible. I have love and support. That’s solidified. Now it’s time to move. Stop procrastinating, which I’ve been doing ruthlessly for the past year and a half, while getting the other half of my life in order. 

I read them all. Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Lewis Howes, Steven Pressfield. I read The Alchemist. Oprah. Grant Cardone. I fucking read them all. Learned a lot, but failed to find the kick in the ass I needed to jumpstart. 

Three days ago, you showed up. One of your videos made a random appearance in my feed, and I couldn’t ignore its title: Quit Your Day Job And Live Your Dream. Your words were stripped down. No sugar. Just raw. And it pierced my heart. I watched them all. And FINALLY felt the fire again. Shit made sense. And the story of the 80 year old man getting his law degree abducted my insecurities towards my age. Finally...I said...fuck it!! Pulled out my laptop, and started working. 

Thank you. Thank you for waking me up. For helping me see through a window that’s been fogged up for almost two years. Thanks for the kick in the ass. Your words are what I needed. Your words have changed my life. 

Derek Christoff


I am sitting in my gallery today working with collectors. My wife began texting me that she learned more from you (something online) than any producers we know. I just went through a very difficult position when in fact we had a promise of front and then back half funding and I discovered something very unpleasant about one of my co producers and had to let him go along with the development producer he brought with him. It was a question of would I follow my own personal integrity? I did. So went four months of work and the funds for production. 

My wife is encouraging me to read what you had to say. Thanks for your words online. 

All the best,
Michael D Lancaster


I recently saw your interview with Film Courage and I must say that I've never seen anything on this subject that resonated with me on quite so many levels.

I'm a 43 year old physicist at Boise State University, increasingly impressed by the power of story. It recently dawned on me that I'd much rather fight to turn certain controversial science ideas into a movie (as a screenwriter), than fight to turn them into grant money. The subject is closely related to space travel and SETI (the search for extraterrestrial intelligence), so it meshes well with sci-fi.

I understand the success ratio for screenwriting, but things have begun to seem increasingly possible as I see the success of others in my writers' group. I don't have a list of your services, but after seeing your interview I knew I had to contact you.

Best regards,

S. Jay Olson, Ph.D.

Boise State University Department of Physics


As I sit here recovering from a cold, I watched your interview on Film Coverage which was very refreshing.

I am directing a film that I have co-written here in Sydney at Fox Studios. It's funny from time to time, I'd think it was so easy to write this on my own in a room with zero interruption and zero accountability and here I am now directing it with everyone watching, I've certainly thrown my inner-self out for all to see in my work and now my direction. But boy is it fun!

Anyway, just thought I’d say thanks your interview was great.


Antaine Furlong


Thank you so much for How to Quit Your Day Job!

I’ve been going through a traumatic 3 years and your book in confirming my inner voice and the big jump I’m about to make.

Luckily I found a video you did on YouTube and then purchased the book…only on chapter 3 but it’s wonderful and speaks completely to my current struggle.

Thank you,

Miles Ladin


...About ten years ago you and I were in touch as I was keenly trying to get access to the wave tank in Shreveport for a Discovery film called Mayday: Bering Sea. We were saddled with a tight budget and the window for our shoot was closing fast... and without the wave tank I was in a pretty bleak spot.

And then it all came back. You were incredibly kind, generous, respectful and helpful throughout our entire relationship and you worked incredibly fast and hard to make it work for me. That film holds an incredibly special place in my life. Objectively, I still believe the film is a truly impressive piece of television and this is in no small part to your generosity, understanding and - yes, your overwhelming passion to help creativity happen.  Without you that film would have been about five soggy people standing in a parking lot. With you we were able to take the audience on a life and death nail biting ride to a human fight for survival in the freezing waters of the outer banks of Alaska.

Anyway, cut to 10 years later, I run my own production company, we’re having some success - and I remain incredibly proud of that film and relate to filmmakers who work with me now, how when the doors are shutting, and everyone says what you’re trying to do is impossibly expensive and will never happen... they might just get lucky and find themselves on the phone with somebody like Ken Atchity.

I remain in your debt and grateful ten years on. Thank you.

Very best wishes,

Phil Lott


Ken, that was an inspirational article on you.  You gave great advice and put so much into perspective for hopeful writers.  In this tenuous, creative world of the artist, my advice to the aspiring novice (and my mantra) has always been "desire, dedication, determination."  I also learned a new word--sizzle reel.  I love the term and the phrase says it all.  (and it sounds more evocative than "teaser!")

Thanks for sharing,

Sam J. Corso


Hello Ken Atchity

This is very exciting to be able to work with you. I know Steve Alten, and, when I saw that you worked with him, I asked about doing this. Steve told me, whatever it takes, go work with Ken Atchity.

Briar Lee Mitchell, EdD 


Hi Ken,

My name is Sunny I am from Toronto, ON Canada. I viewed your video "Quit Your Day Job and Live Out Your Dreams" on YouTube.

I've been an elementary school teacher for over a decade now and have been unhappy for this long. Teaching was never my passion and it did not feel "right" my first day on the job 11 years ago. I am surprised I managed to endure it for this long. I always lived in the image of other relatives who are in teaching as well and trying to be like them. In this process I wasn't the best version of myself. I wasn't confident to be myself and go after what I deserved.

My passion has always been in aviation. Ever since I was a kid becoming a pilot is something I always wanted to do. I'm happy to say I am finally doing it. I've pushed and pushed through comfort zones and I never thought it would be possible.

Your video was a huge inspiration. Your story is awesome and very motivational. I know there are countless other people who want to do what they love. I feel for anyone that feels stuck.

I hope to meet you one day soon and get a picture with you.




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