Hi Ken,

...About ten years ago you and I were in touch as I was keenly trying to get access to the wave tank in Shreveport for a Discovery film called Mayday: Bering Sea. We were saddled with a tight budget and the window for our shoot was closing fast... and without the wave tank I was in a pretty bleak spot.

And then it all came back. You were incredibly kind, generous, respectful and helpful throughout our entire relationship and you worked incredibly fast and hard to make it work for me. That film holds an incredibly special place in my life. Objectively, I still believe the film is a truly impressive piece of television and this is in no small part to your generosity, understanding and - yes, your overwhelming passion to help creativity happen.  Without you that film would have been about five soggy people standing in a parking lot. With you we were able to take the audience on a life and death nail biting ride to a human fight for survival in the freezing waters of the outer banks of Alaska.

Anyway, cut to 10 years later, I run my own production company, we’re having some success - and I remain incredibly proud of that film and relate to filmmakers who work with me now, how when the doors are shutting, and everyone says what you’re trying to do is impossibly expensive and will never happen... they might just get lucky and find themselves on the phone with somebody like Ken Atchity.

I remain in your debt and grateful ten years on.

Thank you,
Very best wishes,

Phil Lott


Ken, that was an inspirational article on you.  You gave great advise and put so much into perspective for hopeful writers.  In this tenuous, creative world of the artist, my advise to the aspiring novice (and my mantra) has always been "desire, dedication, determination."  I also learned a new word--sizzle reel.  I love the term and the phrase says it all.  (and it sounds more evocative than "teaser!")

Thanks for sharing,

Sam J. Corso, President
Dufour / Corso Studios, LTD

Hello Ken Atchity

This is very exciting to be able to work with you. I know Steve Alten, and, when I saw that you worked with him, I asked about doing this. Steve told me, whatever it takes, go work with Ken Atchity.

I enjoy writing and have experienced some success with my work, however, nothing approaching what I believe I can do. I have 20 published novels and short stories with Permuted Press and had 3 screenplays optioned, one by Jeff Apple (In the Line of Fire).

Here is the log line for my story The Pharaoh of Phoenix:

An inept but charismatic thief finds redemption, true love and a little magic when he steals a famous mummy from a priceless Egyptian exhibit.

Looking forward to chatting with you soon.

Briar Lee Mitchell, EdD 

Hi Ken,

My name is Sunny I am from Toronto, ON Canada. I viewed your video "Quit Your Day Job and Live Out Your Dreams" on YouTube.

I've been an elementary school teacher for over a decade now and have been unhappy for this long. Teaching was never my passion and it did not feel "right" my first day on the job 11 years ago. I am surprised I managed to endure it for this long. I always lived in the image of other relatives who are in teaching as well and trying to be like them. In this process I wasn't the best version of myself. I wasn't confident to be myself and go after what I deserved.

My passion has always been in aviation. Ever since I was a kid becoming a pilot is something I always wanted to do. I'm happy to say I am finally doing it. I've pushed and pushed through comfort zones and I never thought it would be possible.

Your video was a huge inspiration. Your story is awesome and very motivational. I know there are countless other people who want to do what they love. I feel for anyone that feels stuck.

I hope to meet you one day soon and get a picture with you.




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