"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Must go!

Rarely do I recommend theater, but Lucy Alibar's BURNPILE is the best I've seen in at least ten years bar none! Brilliant, heart-warming, funny-funny-funny.

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"At last-someone wrote the book every screenwriter has needed for years. It can make the difference between success and failure in the industry."-Linda Seger, author of Making a Good Script Great and From Script to Screen

"Essential material for the beginning screenwriter and the established writer, both."-Dale Pollack, producer of Blaze and Saturday Night Fever

"With WRITING TREATMENTS TO SELL, Ken Atchity and Chi-Li Wong have written much more than a book on film treatments. It's an essential guide for handling structure, characterization, conflict, and all the other craft concepts that writers have to know, as well as an incredibly useful outline of what makes this crazy business tick. To top it all off, their energy and passion for writing and story-telling is infectious."--Steven Womack, author of CHAIN OF FOOLS.

"Atchity and Wong have created a highly accessible and entertaining step-by-step guide through the creative minefields of motion picture and television development. Thus, they have delivered an indispensable handbook for all novice writers and producers who want to make a living in Hollywood."
Susan Zachary, Exec VP, Rosemont Productions

"Writing Treatments To Sell" was #4 on Los Angeles Times Book Review's Hollywood Bestseller List!

Story Merchant Books: FREE E-Book Deals on Amazon

purchase on Amazon.com

Alexi Dugas is a hypnotherapist hired by Alaska to help recapture the lost memory of Johnson Holyfield’s war past and the tiger claw marks swiped across his cheek. As the twenty-eight-year-old psychologist drives the Alaska Highway, state troopers find two bear-ravaged girls near Holyfield’s cabin. Crucifixes have been found by both. At least five of Anchorage’s exotic dancers have been reported missing. Holyfield wears a rosary and loathes strippers.

After Alexi witnesses the savage murder of a rogue detective, Holyfield captures her from Anchrage to the wilderness. With the police hunting them, Alexi hypnotizes Holyfield in a hidden lake cabin and discovers the monstrous truth about the missing women. But now a wounded grizzly responsible for most of the maulings is stalking Holyfield’s scent on Alexi.