"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


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Creating A Beat Sheet 

The “beat sheet” is the most useful editorial tool you can develop, other than a sharp pair of scissors! Based on his bestselling book Writing Treatments that Sell, I explain what a beat sheet is and how it differs from a synopsis, a treatment, or an outline; how to construct one; and give specific examples of “lines from a beat sheet” that will make it easy for you to begin using this tool immediately. I also reveal a graphic detail of the beat sheet magical ability to chart your stories ups and downs in a way that will make it compelling to your readers.




12 Hints For Rekindling Your Creative Spark

Getting inspired is the easy part. The difficult task for the loneliness of the long-distance artist is staying inspired. Based on years of experience managing and coaching writers, I share tips that will guarantee your ability to maintain your inspiration over the long range that may be necessary before you “get lucky.”

10 Rules for Planning Your Novel To BE A Film

You have an idea for a book and you just know it would be a huge hit on the big screen as well!  I explain the 10 rules for planning and writing your book, so Hollywood producers can see the movie potential. My suggestions include important items to add to your storyline, certain items to forget and more! 

The eBook As A Stepping Stone 

In this video I discuss the option of utilizing an eBook platform in order to prove your book's marketability to literary agents and publishing houses. 

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