"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."

—Muriel Rukeyser


Dealing with your Type-C Creative Mind: Principles ⁠

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Ken's Weekly Book Recommendation

The Meander Tile of Lisa Greco" Romance of Mythic Identity Book 2 by Andrea Aguillard

Ancient excavations reveal the key to two lovers' identities.

Second generation Italian-American Lisa Greco is about to receive the reward she's worked her head off for--but she's not sure it's what she wants anymore.

She's always postponed exploring her creativity, and discovering her Neapolitan origins. So she throws the dice, and goes to Naples where she meets a mysterious Japanese-Italian professor of mathematics and itinerant tenor who's in search of his own roots. This leads her to do something she's never done before. She takes his hand as he leads her into the darkest recesses of the ancient excavations that reveal the key to both their identities.


Listen to Keeping Your Spirits up During COVID-19 Webinar with Kenneth Atchity and Alinka Rutkowska

Hollywood Producer Kenneth Atchity and USA Today best-selling author Alinka Rutkowska show you how to make the most of the lockdown.

As many of us move into month two of lockdown with no set "re-opening" date on the horizon, it's only natural that we feel overwhelmed.

After all, this is a big change from what we're used to and probably the biggest such change in our lifetime that we have little control over.

But there's something we can control...

...and that's our mood...

...and our response to what's going on.

Ken taught at UCLA and the NYC Yale Club classes such as as:

Keeping Your Spirits Up;
Dealing with Rejection;
How to Deal with the Waiting;

These classes have never been more timely, which is why we're bringing you the best of the three above to our online masterclass.


Here's what they shared:

• How to deal with anxiety and use it get your creative juices flowing; • How to deal with procrastination and rejection; • The secret to happiness as a writer when nothing is certain; • Identifying the C-Type personality; • Calculating the odds of success in turbulent times; • Managing your attention span; • And much more!

Story Merchant Film Closet: Classic Fantasy Films

‘You Never Had it – An Evening With Charles Bukowski’: New Trailer & Locations For Kino Lorber & Slamdance Documentary

New trailer for documentary You Never Had It – An Evening With Charles Bukowski, which will be released in North America on Kino Lorber’s Kino Marquee revenue share platform on August 7 to mark the centennial of Bukowski’s birth.

Kenneth Atchity with Charles Bukowski and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, co-founder of City Lights Bookstore

The distributor, which is releasing the film in collaboration with festival Slamdance, is lining up a virtual Q&A to accompany the virtual screening with special guests to be confirmed. Matteo Borgardt directed the documentary, which features lost footage of the cult writer in conversation with Italian journalist Silvia Bizio in 1981. During the evening, the two and others, including Bukowski’s soon-to-be wife Linda Lee Beighle, smoke cigarettes, drink wine and engage in intimate conversations about sex, literature, childhood and humanity. 

Bizio found the video of the interview in her garage in 2014, some 20 years after Bukowski’s death. The interview was shot on U-matic videotapes, which have been digitised and edited with new Super8 footage of Downtown Los Angeles as a backdrop to Bukowski reading poetry. 

U.S. markets set to virtually ‘launch’ the film next month include New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Portland, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Fort Worth, Albuquerque, Ann Arbor, Berkeley, Cleveland and Columbus. The feature originally debuted at Venice in 2016 and played at Slamdance in 2017 but didn’t have a broader release.

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Getting Your Story Straight: Scene 2

Professional coaching tips to help you figure out point of view, structure, and master all the elements of story.⁠⁠ 

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Ken's Weekly Book Recommendation!

Fossil River by Jock Miller ⁠ 

This pedal-to-the-metal speculative thriller revolves around the discovery of a highly territorial colony of predatory dinosaurs in Alaska that has survived undetected for millions of years.

 ~ Kirkus Review⁠