"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Dr. Meg Van Deusen Speaks with Jim Oliver on his Dancing with Grief Podcast

Our ability to create secure attachments to other people increases our resilience to stress, but our current American culture is creating barriers, not pathways, to human trust and closeness.

Jim Oliver sat down and had a chat with Dr. Meg Van Deusen about her insights regarding Stress in the US and how our stress levels are increasing while our interpersonal connections are decreasing.

In this insightful interview with Dr. Meg Van Deusen, we discuss topics such as:

• What is stress?
• What are different types of stress?
• What are some things that create stress?
• How does stress impact our lives?
• What can you do to cope with stress and loneliness?

In a time of great stress and disconnection in the U.S., she offers insights and solutions to help readers reconnect and live healthier lives. 

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