"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Wielding A Mighty Pen

Novelist and U of U grad April Christofferson seeks to inspire readers to action even as she keeps them glued to their seats.

by Marcia C. Dibble

“I love the process of writing,” says April Christofferson BS’73, “but I write because I’m trying to make a difference.” Continue reading….

Mega Book Marketing University 2008

I will be speaking on the Publishing Panel of the Mega Book Marketing University 2008 operated by Mark Victor Hansen at the Westin Los Angeles Airport, Grand Ballroom, on February 29, from 8 to 10 p.m. Contact www.markvictorhansen.com for information on attending.

Sex in the South -- Dr Phil

Former AEI client Suzi Parker appeared on Dr. Phil 1/25, and mentioned her book Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt, which AEI is producing at Lifetime. Beth Henley (“Crimes of the Heart”) will commence the script when the WGA strike ends.

From Dr. Phil.com:

Suzi Parker, author of Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt, and DrPhil.com viewers share their opinions about the swinging lifestyle.

Dr. Phil introduces Suzi Parker, author of
Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt, who has been studying sex in the Southern suburbs for years. She says, “Don’t be surprised if that prim and proper friend of yours has a stripper pole in the basement to escape from her good-girl world.” He asks her for her thoughts.

“Especially in the south, I think people have a tendency to hide their desires a little more than may be in larger cities,” she says. “I think it’s the society that the people in the South live in, because on every corner there’s a church, and so it’s always a reminder that what you’re doing, or what you want to do, is a sin. It’s naughty. But then there’s this urge to do what you want to do.”

Sex in the South is available for purchase on Amazon and in bookstores.

More reviews of Jane Tara’s forecast

Another Review at MyShelf.Com

In this debut novel, Rowie Shakespeare, a beautiful redheaded psychic (from a long line of beautiful redheaded psychics), gets hired to deliver weather forecasts at a high-ranked New York television station. Her abilities include flawlessly predicting the weather, reading palms, and seeing into the future during a kiss. Although her first gift got her the job and her second gift helps save lives, her ability to see a man’s romantic future after one kiss has doomed her love life to failure. That is, until she kisses her one true love and feels... nothing. Continue reading….


Noire, “the queen of urban erotica,” who’s been called the Henry Miller and Charles Dickens of street lit, has signed a significant 3-book deal with Ballantine (Melody Guy, Jane von Mehren, Gina Centrello) for her next two novels (Hitting the Bricks and a presently untitled one) + the first volume in her erotic quickie series, From the Streets to the Sheets: Urban Erotic Quickies. Noire’s bestselling urban erotic tales include G Spot, Candy Licker, and Thugalicious (all from Ballantine). Her lit manager/producer Ken Atchity of AEI confirms that the film based on Bricks, directed by Brian T. Jaynes and starring Texas Battle, Ness Bautista, and Alexandra Merejo is “in the can,” and in submission to festivals. Noire’s last two novels, Hood and Thong on Fire, were published by Atria.