"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Filled Up Cup with Ashley Cau Interviews Ken Atchity About Storytelling and his memoir My Obit: Daddy Holding Me

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They discuss My Obit: Daddy Holding Me. This is volume one of Ken's memoir. They discuss why it is important to tell your loved ones the story of your life and how valuable it can be in the grieving process. Volume two, My Obit: My Southern Belle, is now available.

They also discuss the art of story-telling and how it can build the connections in your life. It is also an important skill to learn how to read your audience and Ken tells the tales of a few that have mastered and failed miserably at this. 

Film Courage: 3 Rules Beginning Screenwriters Need To Know

The first thing that a screenwriter needs to know is everything has to be connected to everything else. That's the biggest difference between a screenplay and a novel.   

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The Meg 3 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more news.

The action movie franchise with the biggest bite is back. Here is everything that you need to know about the potential Meg 3 release date, cast, plot and more.

What is the Meg 3 release date? 

Based on Steve Alten’s novels of the same name, The Meg is one of the most beloved popcorn movie franchises in Hollywood. And since 2018, after we first saw Jason Statham fight a giant shark, film fans have been hooked by Warner Bros’ cinematic fishing line.

The Meg is one of the best shark movies of all time, and with the new movie, The Meg 2, fans are wondering if a new aquatic monster universe is on the horizon. While Meg 2: The Trench wasn’t as fun as its predecessor it did remind us about one thing: giant monsters are cool, and the more of them, the better.

So like any good film fan, The Digital Fix has braved the deep waters to give you all the information you need on a potential sequel. From The Meg 3 release date, cast, plot, and more, we’ve mapped out all the details.

The Meg 3 release date speculation

Currently, there is no release date for a potential Meg 3, but we expect that the Shark franchise will return to the big screen in 2026.

The first movie, The Meg, came out in 2018, while Meg 2: The Trench was released in 2023. It may seem like these films take a while and that another sequel will be a long wait, but without Covid-19 slowing things down, we doubt that the break between entries will be as massive this time around.

And, although no sequel has been announced, Ben Wheatley, the director of Meg 2: The Trench, has revealed that he’d love to continue the franchise. “There’s a lot more to explore in that world. It’s very rich,” he told TotalFilm Magazine. “The international-ness of it is very interesting.”

We also have to remember that there are still plenty of Meg books in Alten’s franchise to explore. There are eight books in his series, so this franchise has plenty to work with. Similarly, if Meg 2 makes a killing at the box office like the first 2018 film, we know that Warner Bros will be anxious to greenlight another sequel as soon as possible.

Who will be in the Meg 3 cast?

It is safe to say that if a Meg 3 is announced, Jason Statham will be back as Jonas Taylor, along with his mates from the first two movies Page Kennedy as DJ and Cliff Curtis as James “Mac” Mackreides.

We also suspect that Sophia Cai will return as Meiying Zhang and that Meg 2 cast newcomer Wu Jing will be back as her Uncle Jiuming. And finally, we can’t forget about the most important Meg character who has shown up in every movie thus far, Kelly as Pippin, the dog.

Here is the expected Meg 3 cast list:

Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor

Wu Jing as Jiuming

Sophia Cai as Meiying Zhang

Page Kennedy as DJ

Cliff Curtis as James “Mac” Mackreides

Kelly the dog as Pippin

In terms of villains, none of the new faces with nefarious plans managed to survive in Meg 2, so we are pretty sure new faces with pop up to replace them as shark bait in the future. Keep an eye on this guide as the list above continues to grow.

What will the Meg 3 be about?

Since both The Meg and Meg 2 were loosely based on Steve Alten’s books, we expect that The Meg 3 will follow a similar story to the 2004 novel Primal Waters.

So with that in mind, we’ll see an older Jonas 18 years after the events of Meg 2. However, his days as a diver are done as he instead decides to enter the world of showbiz as an expert commentator on a reality TV show called “Daredevils.” However, as he boards a boat for the new show, he enters the latest feeding grounds of Megs. Yep, there are more Megs again, folks.

Since the Meg movies differ from the books (which showed Jonas being married to a version of Li Bingbing’s character Suyin Zhang, with kids), we can expect that the Meg 3 will alter a few things from the book. Firstly, at the beginning of Meg 2, it is revealed that Suyin Zhang is dead, and with no romantic prospects of his own, the only daughter figure Jonas has is Meiying Zhang, Suyin’s kid.

Alten’s novels are also a lot darker than the Meg movies dealing with PTSD, psychological torture, and some gore. Obviously, changes on that front will need to be made to match the franchise’s 12A age rating. All of this plot speculation isn’t confirmed yet. We may see a film that strays completely away from Alten’s novels. Stay tuned for updates.

Is there a Meg 3 trailer?

Sorry giant shark fans, but there is no trailer for the Meg 3 just yet, and it won’t be for a while since a new movie hasn’t been announced, let alone finished production yet.

We also have to remember that movies like The Meg are packed with special effects and require more time in the post-production phase. So even if we get a release date soon, we know that the first bit of footage we’ll see for the sequel will likely pop up a few months before it hits the big screen.

While we wait for a teaser, here is the trailer for Meg 2: The Trench to satisfy all your ancient monster needs.

Where can I watch The Meg?

The Meg 2: The Trench is currently streaming on Max, Hulu Vudu, Apple TV, Prime Video or ROW8, on your Roku device. Fans can expect that the Meg 3 will follow in its predecessor’s footsteps and have a theatrical release.

After a standard exclusivity window, Meg 3 will probably head to streaming and physical media. However, it needs to be confirmed as happening first, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet!

While we wait for more Meg news, you can check our guides on how to watch the Meg 2, and find out if the Meg 2 has a post-credit scene. We also have an article breaking down the scary true story behind The Meg that is a must-read for shark fans!

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Story Merchant Books E-Book Count Down Deal!


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Father Christmas is an unforgettable coming-of-age story that will bring families together with inspirational holiday cheer and nostalgia for the comfort of Santa Claus. 

“A beautifully-written tribute to fathers and their daughters, mothers and their sons, and the true spirit of Christmas. It will touch your heart.”—Malcolm McDowell

"This beautiful family story makes me believe in Santa Claus." —Norman Stephens, former head Warner Television, Village Roadshow

"Herrington is a born storyteller. His skills are in full display here as he reminds us all, in the tradition of O’Henry, Dickens, and the Grimms, how the Christmas season can restore our faith in each other." —John Harrison, writer/director Frank Herbert’s Dune

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Dennis Palumbo's Panic Attack Makes Linda Reid's favorite reads in 2023

My favorite reads in 2023…

Panic Attack By Dennis Palumbo

Available on Amazon

Why did I love this book?

As an avid reader and digester of Dennis Palumbo’s outstanding thriller series, I eagerly dived into his latest book, Panic Attack.

Rinaldi expertly uses his skills as a psychologist with a “tough on the outside, warm heart on the inside” personality to extricate himself from the dangerous situations he is drawn to as an advocate for compassionate justice and the innocent.

In Panic Attack, Rinaldi witnesses a college mascot shot by a sniper at a football game and gets drawn into another murder mystery when the intended victim calls the psychologist to help him deal with his panic. Soon, Rinaldi has been drafted to investigate a killing spree in which a serial murderer could be targeting him.

Palumbo, as in his other Rinaldi books, weaves a gripping, exciting thriller with fascinating characters and always surprising plot twists set in a wonderfully created atmosphere of Pittsburgh noir. I’ve enjoyed all the other outstanding Rinaldi thrillers and look forward to the next book in Palumbo’s wonderful series. Bosch producers, are you listening?

What is this book about?

A shooter takes deadly aim, and throws a city into panicPsychologist Daniel Rinaldi is no stranger to trauma. A survivor of not one, but two attempts on his life by a deranged killer, the therapist also counsels trauma patients in his private practice, and contracts with the Pittsburgh Police to help victims of violent crime cope with their experience. When a sports mascot is gunned down mid-field by a sniper at a college football game he attends, Rinaldi becomes an accidental yet integral part of the investigation. To begin with, the victim in the costume is not the person… show more.

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Broadway Actress Rumi Oyama’s Directorial Debut, “SPIRIT BOX,” Garners Prestigious Accolade at the Oscar Micheaux Film Festival 2023

In a triumphant moment for Broadway actress turned director Rumi Oyama, her debut film, SPIRIT BOX Episode 1: “The Unleashed,” clinched the coveted “Outstanding Dramatic Digital Series” award at the 2023 Oscar Micheaux Film Festival in LA.

Management partner Ken Atchity, CEO of Story Merchant/Atchity Productions (The Meg/Meg 2: The Trench), commented that “The narrative unfolds with such suspense and intrigue, keeping us on the edge of our seats. The unique blend of Japanese spirit boxes, ghosts, and the unraveling of family secrets added layers of complexity that made every second a thrilling discovery.”

Garnering additional nominations for “Outstanding Sci-Fi/Fantasy” and the prestigious “Panavision Award,” SPIRIT BOX is poised to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and global perspective. Penned and directed by Oyama, the film boasts executive producers Elliott and Cathy Masie of Masie Productions (Kinky Boots, The Prom, Allegiance), as well as a cast and crew comprised of over 50 percent BIPOC or women filmmakers.

In SPIRIT BOX, a troubled teenager, grappling with the mysterious death of his parents, is entrusted with saving New York City from an onslaught of ghosts unleashed from Japanese spirit boxes, leading him to confront his family’s darkest secrets.

Executive Producer Elliott Masie lauded SPIRIT BOX, stating, “It is a compelling story with mystery, history, and a global perspective, powerfully appealing to both younger and mature audiences.”

Rumi Oyama, the Japanese-American writer/director/choreographer of the film, shares her inspiration for SPIRIT BOX, stating, “In a time of upheaval and disconnection, the story aims to help people connect by offering insights into Japanese secrets that can help flourish in today’s increasingly disconnected world.”

The recognition at the Micheaux Film Festival is a testament to SPIRIT BOX’s impact, prompting the team to actively explore various mediums such as TV series, feature films, anime, and stage productions to bring its stories to a broader audience.

To see the SPIRIT BOX trailer, visit Kuma Dakko Productions https://www.kumadakkoproductions.com/films

About Rumi Oyama: Born and raised in Hiroshima, Japan, Rumi Oyama is a versatile talent with a Broadway background and a B.A. in law from Chuo University. Notable for her roles in Running for Grace (film), Allegiance (Broadway), and Sayonara (where she won the Fred and Adele Astaire Award in 2016 for Outstanding Female Dancer Off-Broadway), Oyama founded Kuma Dakko Productions in 2021 to create films with authentic Japanese influences and inspirational messages. KUMA (くま ) means “bear,” and DAKKO (抱っこ) means “hug.” BEAR HUG. The goal is to unite people despite race, gender, class, and sexual orientation. Learn more at Kuma Dakko Productions.

Over 50 percent of the cast and crew are BIPOC or women filmmakers, emphasizing our commitment to diversity and inclusivity in storytelling.

About Micheaux Film Festival: The Micheaux Film Festival is a multicultural and BIPOC-focused event dedicated to showcasing and celebrating diverse representation, gender, and identity parity in the entertainment and media landscape.

About Management Partner, Story Merchant, and Atchity Productions: Story Merchant Books is a facilitator for direct publishing of books (novels, poetry and nonfiction), while its sister company, Story Merchant, represents them to entertainment (web, television, and motion pictures). Story Merchant’s goal is to discover dramatically or widely informative exciting books and help them reach maximum audiences in all media. Story Merchant sister company Atchity Productions (MEG/MEG 2) produces books, published or enroute to publication and supervises their scripting. 

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Iran Hostage Crisis told from the perspective of a wife of a hostage, & mother of three children.  

Many books have been written about the Iran Hostage Crisis. Some accounts are by the hostages themselves, others by the journalists who got involved in the daily announcements of current events. This book is written from a different perspective - that of a wife of a hostage, and mother of three children. This story details her experience of the crisis and how it affected her children and her in their daily lives and still does so many years later.

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Born to Talk Radio with Marsha Wietecha Interviews Eric Burns about his new book When the Dead Talked and the Smartest Minds in the World Listened - Part One!


Eric Burns

Here is a synopsis of Eric’s book, When The Dead Talked and The Smartest Minds in the World Listened. According to Live Science, one out of every five people in the United States currently believes it is possible to communicate with the dead. They are in good company: Mark Twain, Theodore Roosevelt, Leo Tolstoy, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Thomas Edison, Guglielmo Marconi, and Marie and Pierre Curie all concurred.

In fact, in the latter half of the nineteenth century, confidence in communication with the dearly departed was so prevalent that it became regarded as a religion! At its peak, there were more Spiritualists in the United States and England than Mormons or Christian Scientists.
Second only to Darwin’s theory of natural selection, Spiritualism sparked the greatest controversy of faith in the half-century of its prominence. Though few historians seem to know of it, Spiritualism is not only crucial to an understanding of both past and present, but also to the inner workings of the human animal.

One of modern history’s most revealing stories, Spiritualism comprises feats that stretch credulity to the breaking point and investigations that often produced equally staggering results.

As brilliant men and women are introduced in When the Dead Talked, their enduring accomplishments are highlighted. It becomes ever more startling to contemplate the fact that, once upon a time, so many geniuses devoted themselves to the study of such an oft-derided topic.


Eric’s Takeaways.

1:  “It is possible that we use the word “reality” incorrectly.  We use it as a singular.  But it might be plural: “realities.”  This is the conclusion at which some of “the smartest minds in the world” arrived after their meticulous studies of the possibility of an afterlife.”

2:  “The reason I love what I do; i.e., write social history, is that the research it requires enables me to continue to educate myself at the same time that I try to transmit what I have learned to the reader in an artistic manner, one that stimulates, and satisfies, the reader’s own quest for knowledge.”

3:  “Perhaps more than anything else, I hope that what readers take away from When the Dead Talked . . . and the Smartest Minds in the World Listened is a greater open-mindedness than they previously possessed, a greater willingness to consider possibilities that they previously thought of as impossible.”

Eric Burns.

To begin with, Eric was a correspondent for NBC News, appearing regularly on NBC Nightly News and the Today Show.  He was named one of the best writers in the history of broadcast journalism, joining such luminaries as Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Charles Kuralt, and David Brinkley.  He is also the winner of two Emmys for television news commentary.  Eric has written 15 books, two of which received the highest award given by the American Library Association.

In Closing.

Eric will be sharing what he loves about his career and why he loves writing.  You will find him very engaging.

Film Courage: A Formula for Writing a Great Story

A Great Story Starts With a Great Character

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Story Merchant Books E-Book Deal: #FREE December 4 - December 8 A Potter's Tale by Dave Davis

 Readers Are Loving Dr. Dave Davis’ A Potter’s Tale.

1935. Roz Lhulier and his team unearth the massive tomb of Pakal, the greatest Mayan king. It’s the discovery of the century, they think. They’re wrong. 

Instead, deep in the pyramid that holds the seventh-century ruler, hides a primitive Codex, a book of prophecy, predicting the collapse of the solar system. Raising the question, “Does the world end?”

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Here’s Why Writing A Screenplay Is Harder Than Writing A Novel - Dr. Ken Atchity


Become A Better Storyteller Today...

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