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—Muriel Rukeyser

New From Story Merchant Books: Until Death Do Us Apart by Cade North

Until Death Do Us Apart

By Cade North

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LOS ANGELES, CA—Story Merchant Books releases its newest dark comedy novel, Until Death Do Us Apart, from author Cade North.

A natural disaster, naked fortune telling, a romantic catastrophe, supervillains, and poop on slides--just another week in the life of Sloane Noah. Despite always wanting a boring life, this single parent and hapless college professor finds she’s a lightning rod for the shocking and comically bizarre.

Based on a true story, this darkly hilarious book chronicles one woman’s tale about learning resilience from misfortune and strength from pain. Nature’s splintered wreckage, laughter, and the carcass of love prove to be the key ingredients for becoming her own hero. This dynamic story will resonate with anyone who’s ever fumbled through life’s absurdities and, somehow, still managed to stumble into a bright, new day.

Cade North

As Dr. Cade North carved out a career in academia and successfully raised two children on her own, North survived her own long history of romantic mishaps as well. While living a life packed with unplanned comedy and adventure, Cade developed the ability to turn personal calamities into hilarious tales.

Originally from Richmond, Indiana, North lived in numerous places across the U.S. and traveled throughout the world while getting her education and earlier work experience. Coming full circle, now Cade lives back in Indiana and works as college professor.

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