"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

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Millie Ruperto, Ness Bautista, and Katerina Monet in “Bricks”

Co Producer Mike Kuciak handling the music for "Bricks"

Toni Trucks & AEI client Joaquin Perles in “Bricks”

Doctor Dre and D. J. Kane in "Bricks"

With AEI client, Jen Minar on the set of “Bricks.”

KJA with Reem Raw, Doctor Dre, and D. J. Kane

Mike da Cop

Luis Moncada ("Rudy") and Ness Bautista ("Fuego")

On the Fox Studios’ set of Noire’s “Hitting the Bricks”

Casting Director, Co-Producer Mike Kuciak on the set of “Hitting the Bricks”

Alexandra Merejo with rapper Reem Raw on the Fox Studios’ set of Noire’s “Hitting the Bricks”

Jen’s birthday cake!

With itinerant cameraman (and granddaughter) Meggie McKenna

Meggie and Teddy on the set of “Bricks”
AEI V.P. L. A. Young as a parole officer on the set of Noire's "Hittingthe Bricks"

Texas Battle (as Mello) and Alexandra Merejo (as Eva) in Noire's "Hitting the Bricks" directed by Brian T. Jaynes

photos by David Lockard

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