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TAJ Movie Touted in Indian Headlines

Hollywood laps up Taj script for Rs 2 crore

MUMBAI: Hollywood clearly has a yen for the Taj. Months after Sir Ben Kingsley made his announcement about a film based on the celebrated mausoleum of love, Krishna Shah has sold the rights of his script Taj for a mind-boggling Rs 2 crore.

Ben Kingsley's version will reportedly cover the death of Mumtaz Mahal and then go on to the construction of the Taj (TOI Photo)

GenNow may not have a clue about who Shah is, but the Hollywood-based film-maker created a flutter way back in 1978 when he brought Hollywood stars Rex Harrison, John Saxon and Sylvia Miles together with Bollywood stud Dharmendra and sex siren Zeenat Aman in one of India's most expensive films, Shalimar . Continue reading…

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