"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


One of the advantages of traveling is being able to meet AEI's clients on their home turf--in this case the brand new home of the Price-Thompsons, where Kayoko and I enjoyed an outstanding hearty lasagna ("my mother's recipe," according to Tracy) and the P-T progeny--we watched Bill Clinton's speech together, and commended the performance of Michele Obama. Best of all, got to see the 'wall of fame' in Tracy's den where her award-winning books' kudos are displayed. Her latest, Gather Together in My Name, is the best so far--we've been trying in vain to get it to Spike Lee's attention and will keep trying until we succeed! Her forthcoming, 1-900-ANYTIME is fantasic so far (I'm on page 100!). Greg and Tracy, thanks again for inviting us over. And congrats to Greg for his retirement after 23 years in the U.S. Army.

From the nationally bestselling and Hurston/Wright award-winning author Tracy Price-Thompson comes a heartbreaking story of loyalty and love that goes beyond the ultimate sacrifice.

Coming of age in the heart of crime-ridden Brooklyn, Shyne Blackwood is one in a set of triplets born into poverty and great tragedy. While his brothers are raised to seek a life of promise, Shyne's path veers early on. A street-seasoned hustler, he becomes known as a liar, a thief, and ultimately, a killer.

Personifying many of the negative stereotypes attributed to black men, Shyne is accused and convicted of the brutal murder of a child, and an entire city demands vengeance as he's sent to death row in a cold New York state prison.

On the eve of Shyne's execution, five people travel to Quincy Correctional Facility to witness the event. As the clock counts down to midnight, and while everyone has long since abandoned Shyne to his fate, a secret at the heart of this unthinkable crime remains to be discovered. It is a secret that will test the bonds of family, the strength of one man's character, and the redemptive power of a love worth dying for. Click here to read more about and buy Gather Together in My Name.

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