"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Review: MY FRANKENSTEIN by Michael J. Lee


I admit, I was drawn to MY FRANKENSTEIN by the
cover. It is a super cover. Attractive female looking a bit distressed, moody background, swirly stuff. And the title. How can you not want to read this one? So I downloaded the sample for my Kindle and immediately after reading that I bought the whole thing—because I needed it right NOW. I could not stop reading, or clicking the pages. It is a story that will sweep you into the dark 19th century world Lee has created, and it won't let you go until the very last page.

The heroine is young, smart Eva who works in her father's inn. She is captivated by the mysterious and forward-thinking baron Viktor Frankenstein who lives in a castle at the edge of their tiny, unassuming village. Viktor wants to industrialize the town, but for purposes far more evil than even he can foresee. Eva is intrigued by his darkness and the knowledge he offers with an open invitation to visit his library. Eventually he begins tutoring her, and Eva is romanced by this enigmatic man of science. They are two of a kind.

The introduction of the mysterious Adam touches her heart, and when she begins to ask questions, she learns his awful truth; a truth that changes her innocent heart and threatens her new relationship. The romance is sweet yet dark, and young love is blind as Eva is lured into Viktor's world, and she tumbles into depths she may be unable to forge.

This story is a page-turner (or clicker; it is electronic only). The chapters are short and intriguing, and the pacing is tight and rushes toward a horrific and compelling finale. The sex scenes are just a few sentences so I would say this could work as a YA read, too. My Frankenstein is a delicious re-imagining of the classic tale. With romance, mystery, terrific horror and a touch of steampunk, Lee has woven a tale that offers something for every reader.

— Michele Hauf for Bite Club


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