"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

The Queen of Urban Erotica Presents B4 the G-Spot: The Legend of Granite McKay


The Queen of Urban Erotica Presents
B4 the G-Spot: The Legend of Granite McKay

Prequel to G-SPOT, the #1 Bestselling Urban Erotic Tale

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"I didn't come to Harlem riding shotgun...I came packin one!"


It's not a series it's a SAGA!

Meet the Man and the Myth,
The Lover and the Legend,
The Kingpin and the Killer,
The Gangsta who put the G in G-Spot,
The TRUE King of Harlem...
This here ain’t no romance it’s an urban erotic tale
These gutter plots I drop will have you biting off your nails!
A menace has arrived, a terror Harlem’s never seen
He started from the bottom and turned a dollar into a dream!
Before the ballin and the stuntin and the sexin and the flexin,
Brutal vision and ambition is how this gangsta manifested!
So let’s stand up and salute the ruthless boss who paved the way,
Let’s go back B4 the G-Spot to: The Legend of GRANITE McKAY!
In the beginning…
Have you ever played Russian roulette with the Devil? Did you post up at the front end of his burner and stare that fuckin bullet down? Did you roll the dice with your life, ready to pay the cost no matter how high it might be? And when that trigger popped, did you catch that bullet between your teeth and snap that shit in half?
Check me out. I didn’t come to Harlem riding shotgun. I came packin one!
And I wasn’t gonna stop spraying until I had every block in the city on lock. Believe me, failure wasn’t an option. Weaknesses, I had none. It was the gun or the grave for this nigga right here. I had my guts and my fists, and I was either gonna do…or I was gonna die!
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