"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Happy Dragon Day!

Dragons are among the most popular and enduring of the world's mythological creatures.

It's not clear when or where stories of dragons first emerged, but the huge, flying serpents were described at least as early as the age of the ancient Greeks and Sumerians. For much of history dragons were thought of as being like any other mythical animal: sometimes useful and protective, other times harmful and dangerous.  The word "dragon" comes from the ancient Greek word "draconta," meaning "to watch," suggesting that the beast guards treasure not for the hoarding dragon but instead a reward for the brave knights who would vanquish the evil beast.

Dragons, in one form or another, have been around for millennia and Dragon tales are known in many cultures, from the Americas to Europe, and from India to China. They have a long and rich history in many forms and continue to populate our books, films and television shows.

Celebrate with Linda Malcor's book series Dragonlords of Dumnonia.

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Shashtah, a veteran desert warrior struggles to become one of the legendary Dragonriders of Dumnonia.  Except the gods have other plans.  He winds up Bonded to the wrong Dragon and searching for a Wizard known as the White Wolf, who doesn’t want to be found, in a world filled with demons, elves, monsters and other magical things he’d really rather not think about.  As if that weren’t enough, the chief god decides to use him as a Prophet, which promises to be a very poor career choice since Shashtah is also special kind of half-Dragon, one known as a Dragonheart.


THE WIZARDS: Life on Centuria is filled with Wizards, all of whom attend the School of Corin to learn to control their powers. The more they learn, the more powerful they become… the most powerful of all being the WHITE WOLF.

              THE WAR: Mirari, Beings of Light, have banished one of their rebels to Centuria. This rebel, Serak, has emerged as the DARK ONE, with power stronger than even the best of wizards. In an effort to stop him, the Mirari send out their own Winged Warrior CRITON and the Elven King FARADOR. Their magic, however, is proven useless on Centuria, and all they can do is physically keep the Dark One’s forces at bay.

              THE DRAGONS: Bronze Dragons and their caretakers, the Dumnonians, traverse the land of Dumnonia -- a wasteland so barren that it is not under threat of the Dark One. In order to stay alive, the dragons receive provisions from the wealthy land of Daethia, home to a plethora of Dragonslayers.

              THE PROPHET: Shashtah, a caravaneer, bonds with a Bronze Dragon to help the Dragonriders of Dumnonia defeat the Dark One. When Shashtah’s lack of control over his own powers leads to his capture, the Dragons realize that Shashtah is untrained and severely underprepared to face the Dark One.

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