"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Hurrah and Hossanah and Allelujah!

Just before Thomas Hogge went into his hot tub where he prays and meditates on The Lord an uncertain object fell from sky right in front of his house and started a fire.

His neighbor caught a strange moving object on video before it landed near Thomas' house. Some residents reported that it looked like a meteorite.

On the video you can actually see that one chunk of it fell off, and you can see roughly that it landed about 200 meters away from Thomas' house.

The fire and rescue came so fast and saved the house from being destroyed.

The fire chief said "We did look around to see if we could find anything. We obviously put a lot of water on the fire so if anything was there, it’s no longer there. It will go down as undetermined in this case as I would need physical evidence to make a determination on (the) cause."

For Thomas it was sign from God He is listening to my prayers to bring hope into this world.

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