"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser



Gretchen Lanes: Self-Portrait, 1978-79. 

Often when I paint I am in a state of daydreaming. When I start a painting, I may have chosen the subject matter, but the content and context of the subject are yet to be revealed. One way this occurs is through rendering of detail. Concentrating on a small area, I lose over-all perspective. When I become "lost" in detail, my ego-consciousness wanes and I'm then able to tap into the symbols and information available in the dream realm. The ego dictates and manipulates waking reality. In the dream state, ego does not interfere; there is more freedom to encounter unknowns. 

My painting is about that encounter. Because the paintings are born greatly from a dream state, as finished products they are seen as dream-like. The viewer is prone to interpret them as his own. Though my images are extremely personal, the "stuff" of dreams is universal. They become the dream property of the viewer. 

Kenneth Atchity. Dreamworks 2:3: Spring 1982 (Dreamworks Magazine) 

Moonlit Cowgirl

Still Life

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