"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

NEW From Story Merchant Books: Romeo's Beat by Vincent Atchity

How do you make a garden grow?
How do you find a beat that will just go on and on?
How do you find a love that lasts forever?

Juliet Sawyer, renowned botanist, tends a garden that is like none other in the Midwestern suburb where she lives. The envy of her neighbors and of landscape architects all over the world, Juliet hasn’t gotten there without learning some hard lessons—about soil and sunlight, about desire and letting go.

Colin Hogan is a musician on the verge of greatness, and a solo traveler with an imaginary companion. If only he can find the sound that will set him apart from the teeming masses who record songs without ever getting a hit. If only he can find the special someone who can make his world and work come to life.

When Juliet meets Colin, in a quiet cafe on a side street in a faraway city, neither one of them suspects how wide their worlds will become.

Romeo’s Beat is a timeless love story about a woman who is true to herself and to her beliefs about truth, about a man who is a seeker and a listener, and about the unexpected shape of the love that conquers all. It’s a story about the power of love to lead us into an unfamiliar territory of soundscapes and landscapes, the sorrows that come, the joy that endures and permeates all, love that turns the world upside down and sets it straight, love that carries us away from wrong ideas we had about ourselves and puts us in touch with the reality that makes our hearts come alive.

About Vincent Atchity
Vincent Atchity has lived in Spain, Scotland, California, New York, Kansas, and the District of Columbia. He now lives in Colorado with his wife and their three sons

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