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Matt Atchity Joins SoCal Approach to Head Up New Media and Entertainment Division

Boutique agency adds industry veteran to spearhead relationships with studios, filmmakers, industry powerbrokers and multi-media outlets.

January 17, 2023, Los Angeles – SoCal Approach Marketing and Consulting Group today announced the appointment of Matt Atchity to lead their newly established media and entertainment division. The last five years have created massive changes in consumer behavior related to how they search for, access, and consume entertainment content. As we enter a new year, SoCal Approach is poised to bring their data-driven approach to help content creators, studios, and distributors develop precision marketing strategies and maximize their opportunity for engagement with the audiences they hope to reach.

Atchity’s background includes being the long-time Editor-in-Chief of Rotten Tomatoes, GM of Moviefone and Head of Programming at TYT Network (the largest online news network in the world for millennials). He will lead the team applying SoCal Approach’s suite of solutions to help the entertainment industry understand the environment through consumer measurement and insights, audience targeting, marketing strategy, segmentation, content marketing, branding, and new program development.

“Matt was at the helm in establishing Rotten Tomatoes as the industry standard for film and TV reaction and the quality of entertainment content,” said George Owens, President of SoCal Approach. “Our clients desperately need those insights as they attempt to harness the complicated matrix of modern media, and Matt’s experience will greatly benefit producers, filmmakers, studios, streaming services, and content creators seeking to understand their audiences and set content direction.”

Atchity has hosted and produced videos, radio shows, and podcasts related to various aspects of the entertainment industry, and brings decades of experience inside the entertainment industry, helping define the way we use insights and measurement into the world we know today. His experience across media channels will create value at a time where content creation has been revolutionized and the definition of entertainment and how we consume it continues to evolve.

“The entertainment industry landscape is evolving faster than ever, as both audiences and creatives discover new platforms while simultaneously reevaluating their relationships with traditional entities,” said Atchity. “I’m very excited to join the SoCal Approach team and work with creators to find the best ways to reach their audiences.”

About SoCal Approach Marketing and Consulting Group

SoCal Approach Marketing and Consulting Group is a full-service marketing and research agency founded to measure and deliver data-driven market insights businesses can use to understand and reach their target audiences. For additional information on SoCal Approach, visit www.socalapproach.com.

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