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The Meg’s Author Approved Of Jason Statham’s Casting, But Had Another Fast Saga Vet In Mind For The Lead In The Past

There was a time a different Fast & Furious alum might have played Jonas Taylor.

Blockbusters like Meg 2: The Trench live and die by the decisions made behind the scenes. With decades of development paving the way for the Ben Wheatley-directed return of Jason Statham’s Jonas Taylor, the hero created by author Steve Alten has waged war with prehistoric beasties yet again. Yet in earlier phases of development, another Fast Saga vet had Alten’s imagination held captive in the casting department.

This was something I had learned from my recent interview with Steve Alten, as we were gathered to honor not only the recent release of the sequel to 2018’s The Meg, but also the new collected edition of Alten novels named Meg: Legacy. As such, the past, present and future was on the table for the taking; which led Steve to reveal the most ridiculous Meg change from an earlier iteration

However, if we saw The Meg adapted in its 1997, or perhaps even with its 2005 attempts, Steve Alten admitted to CinemaBlend that he had the following actor in mind: 

I would say…Snake Plisken. Yes, a younger Kurt Russell. I thought he’d be perfect for it at the time. Jason Statham was my choice in 2016/2017.


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