"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

$700 billion to bail-out Greed; $600 billion (and counting) to fight an illicit War:

Who will pay these bills?

That is the only important question about this election. Vote for McCain, and you will pay the bill by further erosion of your pocketbook and your dreams. Vote for Obama, and the bill will be paid by the people who incurred it—the corporations, the mortgage firms, the banks, the brokers the leaders of which became individually wealth not only at our expense but at the expense of their works whose benefits and welfare shrunk in direct proportion to the growth of their obscenely high annual compensation.

Ask yourself, who can better afford to pay this bill?

The profiteers demanded that government “stay out of the way,” so that they could profit unchecked, cutting back on benefits, raising fuel costs, raising interest costs, evading insurance claims, raising credit card interest rates, offering unsound mortgage bargains—in general, preying on the desperate needs of our weakened Middle Class and hopeless Lower Class.

But the moment the house of cards they created topples on all of us, they immediately turn screaming to the same government to save them and to put them right back in their high-paying offices. At Lehman Brothers, top managers who went home on Tuesday of last week were back at work on Thursday.

Don’t get me wrong: the bail-out is good. It gives us a shot at a way back, just as the bail-out of the savings & loans did a while back. It’s just a question of who will pay for it.

Vote for Obama and let the profiteers dip into their offshore accounts and help rebuild the country they have wrecked.

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Anonymous said...

I'm an Obama voter...he's our only hope in this election for our economic and other problems.

I'm not an economist but off the top of my head...

1) taxpayers footing the bill should become shareholders, owning the $7,000 each in shares they will end up paying for the bailout.


2) taxpayers should get a choice whether they want to receive shares or they want their $7,000 paid back with interest.


3) taxpayers like me who DID NOT use their home as a cash machine and have zero debt who DID NOT contribute to this problem should get both a & b from above.