"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


After the Writers Conference, I continue to be convinced how important networking is to everyone who wants to succeed at reaching their dreams. I’ve even joined the All Cities Media Group to network for the financing we’re seeking for our clients’ films, and it’s already producing results. I’ll post ideas about networking in the next few months, but want to start by recommending Eric Shaw’s little book (he’s the president and founder of All Cities, Championship Networking. Written with his partner Joel Eisenberg, it’s filled with common sense (why is common sense always so surprising?) tips:

· Never stand or sit next to someone you already know.

· Every elevator is an opportunity.

· Look for what you can do to help, rather than asking for help.

The primary reason to go to a writers’ conference or gathering is to get to know (a) others who are doing what you’re doing and (b) those who can help you get it done. Leave your shyness at home.

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