"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Monetizing Your Knowledge With Creativity

My intention to surround myself with the finest minds in the world has certainly made an impact on my ability to tap into my own creativity.

I recently attended a Marketing Mastermind meeting and found myself surrounded by an amazing circle of influence. Each of us brainstorming our creative powers with the other members of the group as we discover new ways to bring our knowledge and services to the marketplace.

After the meeting we joined for dinner and as I looked around I realized just how amazing this circle of fine minds was! Creative energy flowing, laughing, learning and enjoying the company of genius leading edge thinkers…. and I couldn’t help but acknowledge that I created this experience through the intention I had set years ago.

Here I was sitting across the table from Award Winning Architect Julie Lineburger, Musical Genius Lisa McCormick, Founders of Magical Earth Retreats Don and Jane Jones (Don is also known as The Wizard of Wisdom) and

Internet Marketing GENIUS- Tellman Knudson! (Tellman is also the worst banjo player in the world…. but that’s another story) I found myself learning new things, stretching myself a little out of my comfort zone…. but finding my balance and stepping into the fullest version of myself by seeking out, connecting with and recognizing the power of Creativity.

Creativity is such an important part of our life, much more powerful than most people realize, and we all have it in us. All of us…. no matter what…. no exceptions.

Recently I had the honor of being joined in the LeadingEdge Talk studio by Hollywood writer/producer, author of 15 books and nominated for an Emmy for his work in “The Kennedy Detail” -Dr. Kenneth Atchity, whose industry depends on this very power. During the show we talked about What is Creativity and Why is it so powerful? And you can listen to the entire show here to find out why Dr. Atchity says “Creativity is more important to humans than breathing”.

Enjoy the replay here

Whatever path you are following to wealth…. it will take creativity to get there. Sometimes that means learning, which is what you are doing right now by reading this blog and taking advantage of the wisdom and resources my guests share. You are a Creative Genius…… it’s already in there, you just need to connect with it.

Another way to get creative in learning is to READ! I HIGHLY recommend you check out Dr. Atchity’s Book

How To Escape Lifetime Security And Pursue Your Impossible Dream”

It is possible for you to have the life you want to have, and to connect with the creative power you already have within yourself. Believe it. Believe in You. There is a saying (by who I don’t remember at this moment, but it goes something like this

“I have discovered as truth as I look at what I myself am creating…… When you believe in yourself, the world has no choice but to Believe in you too”.

Your experience is valuable, and you can learn to monetize what you know. Open yourself up to learn and the most amazing teachers will find their way into your life.

This I know for sure.

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