"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Seven Ways To Die Highlighted in Atlanta Magazine

SEVEN WAYS TO DIE by William Diehl with Kenneth John Atchity AEI/Story Merchant Books Before he died in 2006, Diehl (Sharky's Machine and Primal Fear) had written more than 400 pages of his tenth novel, about a captain in the NYPD on the trail of a serial killer in Manhattan. Using an outline and notes that Diehl left behind, Atchity finished the thriller, staying very true to the fast-paced, screenplay-ready plot that was the author's trademark. It's a fitting posthumous tribute to the former journalist-and first managing editor of Atlanta magazine who left his day job in his fifties to pursue his dream of writing fiction.

 FIRST LOOK: As always his psyche was mamentarilyaskew. He perfarmed each autapsy compassionately. They were constant reminders of the finite line between life and death, between the human body and a corpse without a soul.

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