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Readers' Favorite Reviews The Messiah Matrix

Book Review
Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers' Favorite

"The Messiah Matrix" is a brave novel that threatens to destroy a Christian myth. After a scholar-monsignor is killed in a mysterious hit and run accident in Rome, Father Ryan receives a confession that will change his life forever. At the same time, in a wreck off the coast of ancient Judea, Emily, a young archaeologist discovers an old coin that will become the key evidence that will challenge the Catholic Church's beliefs. What follows is a series of events that will bring these two people together. They will seek the truth together starting from the old port of Caesaria to the catacombs of Rome. And in the course of this journey, they will also fall in love with each other.

"The Messiah Matrix" is a novel that may subvert the foundation of the Catholic Church itself. Dr. Kenneth John Atchity has succeeded in writing an intriguing novel that will make the reader think twice about the identity of Jesus Christ. Action starts on the first page and the reader is sucked in as the suspense grows throughout the novel. Passionate about the truth, the characters of Father Ryan and Emily are both interesting and compelling. The narrative goes on in an exhilarating pace that left me breathless. Atchity knows his subject and cleverly weaves an interesting story around it. Being a Classical scholar and a Yale Ph. D graduate, it is a given that he has done his research. Coming up with this intense and action packed novel just shows his versatility. Peppered with historical facts, "The Messiah Matrix" may well make us question our accepted belief on the identity of the son of God himself.

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