"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author William G. Borchert

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Addiction to alcohol and/or drugs is a devastating and incomprehensible disease. It reaches down into the very core of the alcoholic and his or her family and destroys their most precious possessions--love, faith, trust, confidence and finally hope. While intimate and painful at times this book tells the dramatic love story of one such family. It initially focuses on how the backlash of alcoholism foments anger and hatred between and father and son that eventually inundates the entire family. Every glitter of hope is seemingly drowned and growing despair leads to near devastation. Then, when all seems lost, the miracle of recovery gradually restores torn relationships and emotional health. That is why this deeply personal story was written--to show alcoholics and their families touched by the painful disease of addictions that hope does spring eternal to encourage and guide them to reach out and seek the path to recovery.

There are more than forty million alcoholics and drug addicts in the United States alone according to the U.S. Department of Health and the American Medical Association. Each addict affects at least five to seven people in their lives--spouses, parents, siblings and other relatives, close friends and co-workers. That means more than two hundred million Americans are impacted by this terrible malady. This book shows them a way.

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