"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

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Dragonlords of Dumnonia Book 2

There is a scrap of a boy who dreams of riding a dragon, but he feels his dreams are far away, especially in the land of Drumnonia where there are dragons, riders, AND demons, gods, and elves. In the end, he becomes a dragon rider, and not just an ordinary rider either: he is the Dragonheart! Book 2 follows Shashtah's journey to becoming the most destructive weapon Centuria has ever known: The Dragon Sun.     BUY NOW

FREE March 20 - 24!!

As the transition period between the Middle Ages and modern times, the Renaissance is perhaps the most distinguished age since that of Classical Greece. Part of Harper Reference's successful Reader series, Kenneth Atchity's Renaissance Reader is a unique volume that provides a vast and varied collection of primary source documents and artwork of this fascinating period of history.      


FREE March 21 - 25!

An Ed Noon Mystery!

Ed Noon's career takes a sharp turn when he is hired by the President a nuclear scientist, who has mysteriously disappeared, and with him, the designs for America's most powerful nuclear super-weapon.


FREE March 21 - 25!!

An Ed Noon​ Mystery!

A voodoo cult masterminded by the fantastic Count Calypso is trying to take over the world and Ed Noon is the only private eye between Manhattan and Port-au-Prince who can stop him.


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