"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Story Merchant CEO Dr. Ken Atchity goes live with Denise Griffitts on Your Partner In Success Radio!

Ken Atchity - My Obit: Daddy Holding Me

‘’Know Thyself’, attributed to Socrates, was carved into stone at the entrance to Apollo’s temple at Delphi in ancient Greece, according to legend. Now Dr. Kenneth Atchity—film producer, literary manager, novelist, multilingual Yale doctorate holder, former classics professor at Occidental College in L.A., and author of twenty-plus books—embraces Socrates’ maxim full-tilt in his thought-provoking, heartfelt, and brilliantly composed autobiography—volume one of a two-volume opus (the second in the works, according to the author).

“Story Merchant” Ken Atchity, head of Story Merchant Books and Atchity Productions, has more than 40 years of experience in the publishing world, and over 20 years in entertainment. His books include, most recently, My Obit: Daddy Holding Me, Japanese-In Law: Words and Phrases for Day-to-Day Living (with Keisaku Mitsumatsu), The Messiah Matrix and Seven Ways to Die (with William Diehl) and nonfiction books for writers at every stage of their career. Based on his teaching, managing, and writing experience, he's successfully built bestselling careers for novelists, nonfiction writers, and screenwriters from the ground up. His bestselling clients have led him to all areas of communications.

His is a truly fascinating story/journey and you can listen as we chat LIVE!

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