"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Martin Ott's New Thriller Dream State Reviewed by Nadine Maritz

Dream State is a different kind of Thriller that plays off on an Island – Beleze, experienced by three characters Heidi, Russel, and Marley. 

Oddly enough, I kept thinking about Sandman which obviously also revolves
around dreams and the lack of it. I didn’t finish the series (and I know people
are going to castrate me for this –but — I just didn’t enjoy it)

Having said that, lack of sleep is absolutely something relatable and the
madness that derives from its absence is a reality I think many can relate to. Martin nailed the mind sets created from sleep deprivation one hundred percent along with the psychological effects on people. 

The book is a fast-paced attention read, in the sense that you really need to keep track of the characters, their past, their present and their existing surroundings. Whilst I really enjoyed the different read, – because it’s not something I would usually deviate to – I did feel that the regular play back on the characters pasts drew away from the story and its progress. Yes, it did give us insight into what makes them tick, but the take back, was consuming in some instances. I also struggled to really connect with any of the main characters, although strong leads there was something amiss. I settled that debate by convincing myself that logically they are lacking something — sleep.
So, if that was the intent, its applaudable.

The setting revolves around the moon being hit by an asteroid and the impact it has on everyone on the island and then of course the bigger impact on the world.

It focuses on the ways people deal with the lack of sleep, how they interpret different people’s actions, how their pasts haunt their present existence and how they cope with impulsive irregularities in their existing environment. As if that isn’t enough, people also need to deal with groups trying to take over the island and pirates roaming the surrounding sea.

The thriller takes on a kind of post apocalyptical sci-fi setting the more it progresses, and it made me question the impact it would have on our world. I mean people always talk about an asteroid hitting earth, but I haven’t experienced or read about scenarios where it hits the moon and the impact it would have on humanity.

I gave this book a 3 out of 5.

Plus, for its innovation, the thought it provoked and the thriller tone that absolutely glares you in the eye with the madness created, minus because I didn’t connect with it in similar fashion to the likes of The Interrogators Notebook, which I still love and wish someone would take to screen. 

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