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Frank Center Lobby dedication to Scott Beard - April 1st!





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Whether showcasing his students or performing at the piano himself, Dr. Scott Beard practically lived in the Frank Center for over a decade before transitioning to Administration, Many of you know he was a consummate neat freak. As such, he strove to ensure that the lobby and the hallways looked their best, because he understood that the Frank Center was often the first impression for visitors to the campus. But what many of you didn't know was that maintaining that image often meant cleaning, scrubbing and vacuuming it himself.

So, I felt it was a fitting tribute to him that we refurbish the lobby in his name. President Mary JC Hendrix agreed, and I thank her for her support, as well as the contributions of everyone on the Shepherd University staff who had a hand in the remake of this integral part of the University's soul. I also thank especially, our good friends, Kenneth and Vicki Wilson for their additional financial support,

Featured at the Dedication will be pianist Dr. Jason Solounias, a Shepherd alumnus and one of Scott's most accomplished and successful students, who will perform a few of Scott's favorite pieces.


Following the Dedication ceremony at 6 pm, Shepherd University will present the annual Musical Showcase, which Scott, Marcia Brand, and I started to raise money for music scholarships.

There is an admission for that concert, but you may attend the Dedication without an obligation to attend the Musical Showcase.





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