"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Tales From The Story Merchant an interview with Hollywood Producer, Ken Atchity

via Awakened Nation

Ken Atchity, producer of the movie The Meg, staring Jason Statham, joins us for a fascinating discussion on becoming a Hollywood producer of such movies as "Life, or Something Like It," "The Expatriate" "Joe Somebody," and the HBO movie series "Shades of Love." ...but our time together was much more than talking about his international blockbusters.

Ken is a Story Merchant...and he opens up about his roots , studying in French, Latin, Greek and conversational Japanese, along with enlightening stories of self sabotage, the dangers and blessings of A.I., and making peace with his brother Freddy. This episode is about family, and the melting pot that truly makes America great.

About Kenneth Atchity: Ken Atchity is an American movie producer, author and columnist, book reviewer, brand consultant, and professor of comparative literature. Ken calls himself a professional Story Merchant. His decades well spent in the world of stories prompted the telling of his own. When it came time to do so, he thought “who is better to do it than me?”

MY OBIT: Daddy Holding Me , Volume I, is published by Story Merchant Books, in paperback and launched late last year. Volume II, My Southern Belle, was published February 28, this year and also published by Story Merchant Books, in paperback. Atchity has also produced 30 films, including "Hysteria" with Maggie Gyllenhaal, "The Expatriate" with Aaron Eckhart, "The Lost Valentine" with Betty White, "Gospel Hill" with Danny Glover, "Joe Somebody" with Tim Allen, "Life or Something Like It" starring Angelina Jolie, "The Amityville Horror: The Evil Escapes," "Shadow of Obsession," "The Madam's Family" with Ellen Burstyn, and "The Meg" with Jason Stathum. In addition to his literary management and coaching business, Ken recently added “Write Your Own Obituary” to his consulting options. Who better? After all, he wrote his own obit. Atchity is married to
 documentary filmmaker and former NHK producer Kayoko Mitsumatsu.

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