"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

“Hitting the Bricks” by Noire a la Noche (screenplay with Adria Lang) in Preproduction!

It’s very exciting to start seeing location pictures, cast photos, and EMI Latin’s suggestions for the soundtrack of Noire’s first foray under her new pseudonym Noire a la Noche. Just as she’s torn up the pavements of Harlem as “the queen of urban erotic tales,” now Noire (as Noire a la Noche) is moving to “Bricks” in Spanish Harlem—with both her first novel under the new pen name and her very first film, scheduled for production October 28. I can hear the excitement in her voice every time she’s on the phone with director Brian T. Jaynes or my partner Chi-Li perfecting the script. Here’s our first rough draft of a poster.


Anonymous said...

I did a song for this movie. How is the post production going? Email me any info @ flacoinc@hotmail.com

The song is called "Fire & Ice"

Flaco Inc.

Anonymous said...

The movie is still in post but we’re nearing a final cut. I’d predict another 30 days. It’s looking good!