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—Muriel Rukeyser

Review of Forecast by Jane Tara

Date of Review: 09/14/07

Reviewed by: Dorothy Jones

Rowie Shakespeare comes from a long line of Shakespeare women with psychic abilities. Her particular psychic talent is being able to forecast the weather – she has never been wrong. She lives and works with her mother and grandmother who are also psychics. They have a business called Second Site, a metaphysical bookshop and healing center, owned by her family. She is expected to carry on the tradition and run the shop when her grandmother passes. However, the two things she desires: 1) her own life – which dismays her grandmother and 2) to find her One True Love. Her psychic abilities have been playing havoc with her social life.

Drew Henderson is tall, dark and handsome and he is the weather forecaster at USBC television station. He has studied for years and believes in the scientific approach to forecasting the weather. Betrayed by his wife and his best friend, the last thing he is looking for is a relationship.

While investigating a hurricane, Drew breaks his leg badly and ends up in the hospital. His boss, having witnessed Rowie forecast the weather for her neighborhood, manages to get her to fill-in while Drew is in the hospital. Drew is attracted to the psychic weather girl and it is mutual. However, will he have a job when his leg heals or will it go to the psychic weather girl? Will her psychic abilities hold up on TV in front of millions of people? Could he possibly be Rowie’s One True Love? If only Rowie could forecast her future as well as she can FORECAST the weather.

I really liked FORECAST. The secondary characters add appeal to the novel. Suspense, romance and a few ghosts add up to an enthralling story. Do not miss it! I highly recommend FORECAST.

Dottie Jones, RomanceDesigns.com
Contemporary Romance Writers

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