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Sneaker-marmalade magazine and Ed Lover & Doctor Dre (Andre Young) Interview

It’s exciting to see one of our clients, DOCTOR DRE, get heavy into the merchandising & licensing scene—in this case with Puma and Rad Toys:

1. Did you know that we chose to interview because we found your creation one of the freshest of this Yo! MTV Raps series?

Thank you, I really appreciate it.

2. What was the creation process and what was your involvement in it?

No. I really didn’t have any input on the design of the “Yo MTV Raps” Doctor Dre and Ed Lover model. Although the PUMA team captured the same “Cool and Cutting Edge” by teaming Doctor Dre and Ed Lover with the famous “Clyde” brand. I hope the next version we can collaborate.

3. Could you introduce to us your creation?

With great pleasure.

4. Had you already participated in designing a shoe or apparel in the past?

Yes, I have. I had created an apparel line called, “Doctor Dre’s Bigga Stuff.” It was apparel created for Big and Tall persons. I was working with Chuck D’s (Public Enemy) apparel company Rap Style.

5. Your creation as well as the others Yo! MTV Raps Pumas are all rich of pleasant details. But how can you explain that only yours is the only one to have extra features such as a specific has extra like the “Ed” and “Dre” on the back of the heels or the lime and purple sock liner?

The great designers at PUMA were creative enough to bless the Yo MTV Raps version with Doctor Dre and Ed Lover on the back of our sneaker because the uniqueness of “Ed and Dre!” We were just LUCKY! Thanks PUMA!

6. In Europe Yo ! MTV Raps is not as well known than in the US. Could you tell us more about this show?

Yo MTV Raps was the brain child of Peter Doughtery and Ted Demme. It was the first time that MTV dedicated a show to Rap music. Ed an I were the daily hosts of “Yo MTV Raps Today.” The “Yo” grew legs quickly and became one of the most popular shows as well one of the longest running programs in MTV history (7+ years). During this era artists like Public Enemy, NWA, Tupac, MC Lyte, Snoop Dog, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh and countless others emerged as the Hip Hop Stars of the future.

7. You cannot be completely indifferent at the hands of a sneaker? Do you like sneakers? Do you collect a bit?

I am a ridiculous sneaker junkie! I have worn quite a few brands in the past. I have worn PUMA “Clydes” since I was in the 5th grade! When PUMA came out with the classic Black with Gold stripes suede joints and had to have them. My brother got me my first pair, Many of the “rich” kids would rock the Stan Smith PUMA, but the “Hood” had to be cool with “Clydes!”

8. What are your next projects?

I can’t tell you…..yet! Next interview, Doctor Dre


Anonymous said...

The Doctor Dre PUMA promotions are just the start. Doctor DRE has signed on with a public trading company ISBL to start an entertainment division called One Media One. If you want to read more about Doctor Dre and One Media One just go to the news for ISBL. I wish Doctor Dre the best of luck with One Media One.

Anonymous said...

you can go to investor's hub, they have a lot of info at isbl board

Anonymous said...

With Dr. Dre and all of his connections involved, ISBL looks to be the penny stock of the year!! Get in now for pennies...sell for dollars soon!!! Get rich with Dr. Dre and ISBL!!!IMO