"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


A Feather in the Rain by Alex Cord
Alex Cord's Semi-autobiographical Novel Exploring the Emotions Felt with the Loss of a Loved One

By Susan Lambert, published Jul 18, 2008

Jesse Burrell is grieving for the loss of his son to drugs. Whilst in the midst of his grief he meets the beautiful Holly Marie who is mourning the murder of her brother. 'A Feather in the Rain' is a passionate story about the feelings of loss when someone dies tragically young.

Alex Cord has written this book with a great deal of emotion, which is understandable as it is based on the death of his own son to drug addiction. This is an extremely easy novel to read and once you start to read this amazing story it is very hard to put the book down until you reach the end. Even though this book does have a happy ending you still get a sense of sadness to a point, at the end, as the birth of a new child does not replace those they have lost, it just helps them to move on. There are some incredibly dramatic scenes depicted in this book associated with the horses' element of the story, and you can easily picture the situations described in this novel.

Anyone reading this book that has experienced the loss of someone young will empathise with the characters and will easily relate to their feelings of loneliness and isolation. This is also a tale of a May-December romance, and shows how life can move on in an unexpected way when you least expect it to. Anyone who has a deep rooted interest in horses would also love this book as the author brings vividly to life the world of a modern day ranch owning cowboy, with both its ups and downs, all of which is described in great detail.

'A Feather in the Rain' is a wonderful, powerful, and at times dramatic story, full of emotion, and at times erotic, which easily captures the readers' attention from the first word to the last. It is a tale of an extremely passionate love affair between two people from different age groups, but who share equally the feelings and emotions associated with grief following bereavement. Together the two central characters help each other to move on with their lives following their grief and shows how life can move on in a positive way, not just through their relationship, but also with the birth of their new child.

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