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An UnderEarth Adventure

by Royce Buckingham

Royce Buckingham is a new voice in youth literature. His debut novel, Demonkeeper, introduced his quirky sense of humor and his love of fast-paced adventure. That novel was quickly optioned by 20th Century Fox and there looks to be a movie of it in the future. His sophomore offering, Goblins! An UnderEarth Adventure, is equally funny and has so much action, you need to put the book down to take a breath! It is the tale of two boys. Twelve-year-old Sam is always in trouble with the local sheriff of Sumas, Washington, a town near the Canadian border that has had a lot of Bigfoot sightings. The sheriff's son, P.J., seventeen, reluctantly comes into town to spend the summer with his dad, and Sam and P.J.'s paths soon cross. Within the first few pages, Sam steals fireworks from a truck at a gas station and lands in the pokey. P.J. is assigned to look after him while his father is off on a call, and both boys end up discovering that Bigfoot really isn't a giant ape but a species of goblin living underground. When the boys encounter human guardians tracking a goblin who has found a secret tunnel to the surface, they rashly follow the guardians down into the depths of the earth and find a whole new world there with dangerous swamp beasts, bug gladiators, and nasty goblins who have a taste for humans. Needless to say, the boys have the adventure of their lives—and if they survive, they both still have to face the sheriff!

Buckingham has a real winner with Goblins! An UnderEarth Adventure. Young readers will love the grossness of the bugs, the swamp creatures, and the slobbering, slightly-stupid goblins. They also will discover bravery and honor from some very unexpected sources. Great Job, Royce Buckingham! Keep the stories coming. Kids and adults will love these!

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