"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

AEI Client Darby Roach interviewed TODAY - 5:00 PM on Rules of Engagement - radio KFWB 980 Los Angeles

Your Three Second Window

Changing Everyday Moments into Extraordinary Opportunities for Success.

Roach has developed successful, high-profile marketing campaigns for Apple Computer, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Nike and Westin Hotels and Resorts, to name just a few.

He is the author of three novels and and currently lives and works in Seattle.



Marabina Jaimes said...

Really enjoyed interview with Darby, however I was on my way back from shooting "LET'S TALK", the show with the Latina POV, and only caught the last few minutes. Where do I get his book?
Marabina Jaimes
co-Host, LET'S TALK

CL said...