"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


Fellowship Details

Each month, the Writers Boot Camp Fellowship awards three $5000 full scholarships to our Online Professional Membership (OPM), including an opportunity to compete for an annual writing/development deal with Writers Boot Camp Productions and/or a studio, network or independent producer.

The Writers Boot Camp Fellowship is unlike any other:

* a minimum of three awards are granted monthly
* Creative Categories change each month, reflecting viable genres and project parameters for both feature film and original television series
* Selection is only the beginning of the Fellowship process.

Monthly Creative Categories also include awards for diversity in subject matter and lead characters, as well as inspired writers based on personal experience and circumstances. After Fellows complete a project within the first six months of OPM coursework, they compete for the development deal with our sponsoring partner.

Writers Boot Camp encourages its current members and alumni to apply. If selected as a Fellow, your coursework will be extended, and as a Fellow you will be eligible to compete for the development deal six months after your selection.

The deadline for application is Thursday, February 25, 2010.

Candidates need the following to apply for the Fellowship:

* An original idea for a feature film or television series pilot.
* One scene (no more than three pages) conveying the entertaining potential of your idea.
* A short paragraph on your goals and completed online application with fee.
* A commitment of at least 10 hours per week for your creative and writing process through OPM.

February Creative Categories – your submission MUST be in the categories listed below to be eligible for the February Fellowship:

Feature Film: Romantic Comedy
Television Pilot: Half-Hour Relationship Comedy

When a Romantic Comedy or Comedy TV Series does break out, it can achieve a wide audience. But the challenge of anticipating the social zeitgeist a few years out and transcending cliche in these genres is not a no-brainer. Whether you're currently in love, or not, these genres require articulate characterization and relationship progression that is particularly electric.

Too many past candidates have underestimated the competitive nature of this Fellowship. If you're planning to submit an idea, it will have to include more than just a set-up. The set-up in a feature story and the situation of a series can intimate potential, but it's the development of the middle of the story or story line that will provide the momentum of comedy and that will sustain the rooting interest of romance.

The question is not only how to create a prescient comic platform but also how to complicate and extend the entertainment in a more thoroughly fresh way.

Submission Tips and Info:

In the first five months, we have found that it's the scene work (no more than three pages) that can differentiate a writer from the pack and create separation from the other worthy ideas.

For writers submitting TV pilot ideas, remember that half-hour scripts may be either single-camera film, formatted the same as feature films, or multi-camera sitcom, in which page format is double-spaced. It's always helpful to compare your idea to the lineage of past and current shows and to articulate your vision accordingly.

Apply Now to Become a Fellow!


Use your special discount code INFOLIST0210 and get 15% OFF the cost of submission – that's just $45.90 (normally $54) to submit (due to the significant costs of labor, evaluation, administration, marketing and ongoing instructor support, there is a fee for applying). You can also add additional categories to submit for (such as Diversity for an additional $10.20 (normally $12)) - in any case, no matter how many categories you submit for, you get 15% OFF the entire submission fee!

The application deadline is Thursday, February 25, 2010 at 11:59pm!

Winners will be notified by Monday, March 1.


Go to: www.writersbootcamp.com/Fellowship
and click on "Become a Fellow" once you're there.

For additional questions, please email Max Timm, Writers Boot Camp's Creative Director at:

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