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Nik Halik Predicted the Global Financial Crisis – in 2003

The following is an extract from a popular news site. In response to the main article which castigates the financial power brokers and bankers of the world, one reader describes his experience when he attended one of Nik Halik’s seminars in Cairns, Australia, back in March 2003.

Cairns, being a tropical centre in North Queensland, is well known for it’s banana growing industry. Bearing this in mind will help you appreciate why the writer gave his comments the title “The Taste of Banana”.

Try to explain to someone the taste of banana ….. and you’ll have the same success as trying to convince anyone the financial collapse was planned, implemented and precipitated by financial controllers in the USA. Regarded as just business by the big end of town, the same psychopaths running the casino economics with the world economies are in the business of playing with other peoples money. They had plenty of practice in the run up with the California Electricity scandals of the 90’s.

In march 2003 I attended an options trading seminar in Cairns Australia which ran for three days. After the seminar, many stayed behind to chat and say their goodbyes. Someone asked the presenter Nik Halik whose mentor state side breathed the rarefied air of wall street, what plans he had for his portfolio for the next decade.

He went on to brief those present about what to expect for the years ahead and how to navigate the planed financial tsunami coming their way. The killer info was the USA was going to crash their economy in 2008. You didn’t have to be a genius to work out it would be in September. The advice was to minimise debt by the end of 2007, to downsize real estate assets into cash and commodities.

Some of my immediate family listened, while others would smile with a strange look on their face. With an early retirement, super cashed in and all debt paid out, with some physical possession of precious metal by the end of 2007, the money spent to hear what we were told that day was worth every cent.

This is not end game, we’ve only experienced round one. Forget the politically correct conspiracy theory crap, this is just business. They are far from finished with us yet and if people can’t get that inside their brain box by rational research from quality sources, perhaps the prospect of protecting loved ones and children from a future far less cruel would not seem such a waste of time.

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