"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Story Merchant Client Royce Buckingham Makes a Two Book Deal with Macmillin Films

Deals: Week of 6/13/2011

Buckingham Goes In for Two at Macmillan Films

Royce Buckingham sold two books to Brendan Deneen at Thomas Dunne Books. Ken Atchity at Story Merchant brokered the world rights deal. In the first book, a thriller called A Week of Mondays, a Seattle bike messenger loses his job and forgets to make his last delivery, which causes more trouble than the beleaguered hero ever expected. The story originated with Deneen, and Macmillan Films is attached to the project. The second book, The Terminals, to which Macmillan Films, Ken Atchity and Chi-Li Wong are also attached, is a YA novel about a bunch of teenagers with life-threatening diseases who are recruited to complete dangerous missions by a government agency; Deneen called it "a Bourne Identity for the YA crowd."

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