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49 years after JFK assassination, former Secret Service agent Clint Hill recounts tragedy in book

 By Bob Barnard, @bobbybbarnard

 Former Secret Service agent Clint Hill

On Thursday, our nation is celebrating Thanksgiving - and marking the 49th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

One man who was there in Dallas has written a book about that dark November day in 1963, and the woman he grew to know and care for in his role as a Secret Service agent.

Clint Hill is the man in the dark suit seen in the historic Zapruder film that captured in the assassination in color. Hill was on the follow-up car behind the presidential limousine in Dealey Plaza when the shots rang out. He raced to the back of the limo where he met a scrambling Jackie Kennedy as she tried to recover portions of the president's brain which had scattered onto the car's trunk.

"I just wish I could have been able to get their a little bit quicker," Hill tells FOX 5 News. "Would have made a difference."

While Hill struggled with deep feeling of guilt, Mrs. Kennedy wanted him there by her side.

"She had asked if I could be assigned to stay with her. And I agreed," Hill says. "I wanted to do that for that first year. I wanted to be with her. Make sure she got adjusted as well as she could, get situated."

Hill's book, "Mrs. Kennedy and Me," details the four years he spent as the special agent in charge of her security.

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