"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Be at the Next Author 101 University March 7 - 10 Los Angeles

Is your book written yet? If its not... do you know about the amazing benefits being a published author can bring to your business?

If your book is written, is it a bestseller yet?

If it is a bestseller, is it getting you the opportunities you'd dreamed of?

My friend, Rick Frishman has helped thousands of authors find the secrets they need to get their books published and make their dreams come true.  And he can help you too. 

For the last eleven years, Rick has put on an event called Author 101 University.

New and established authors from around the globe all come together in one ballroom to learn from some of the world's leading marketing and publishing experts.

Everyone has a lot of fun and most importantly, everyone walks away with what they need so they can grow their success as an author.

Come to Rick's next Author 101 University. Here's what can happen for you there...In one weekend, you'll:

* Connect with literary agents who want to represent you
* Get your new book published or your old book revitalized
* Make your book a bestseller
* Learn how to turn your online promotions into huge
  exposure (and sales)
* Transform your message into a mega success business
* Network with truly amazing people - Author 101 University
  consistently draws a great group

* And so much more...

Your dream doesn't have to be just a dream.    Learn More Here

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