"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


Video is incredibly powerful because it has the benefit of non-verbal communication, including your smile, to connect with people. Text is fantastic but it is essentially 'flat'
and video can help you to become a 3 dimensional author that people resonate with.

The reasons people are scared of video are:

a) they hate their face, voice, looks
b) they don't know how to use the technology

But it is definitely worth investigating for the following

* Video search is increasing and you want to be found. Over 65% of search is now VIDEO and you can see videos on the front page of search rankings now.

* The technologies are here now! Google owns YouTube and is starting to use voice recognition software to make indexing video easier. This means you can rank in the video search engine for your keywords. 

* Book sales increase when people know, like and trust you. A human connection is much more easily made over video than text.

* Video can be the basis of your platform. Video blogging is  more popular then ever and it is quick and easy now with easy to use technology.

* Video drives traffic to your online hub, your author website or book sales site

* The demographics of video may surprise you. It's not just kids surfing LOLcats. Its adults 18-49 and 25-54.

* You have a chance to stand out and stay competitive in this market. Authors must use video as part of any book promotion plans. If you don't want your face online you should consider A VIDEO BOOK TRAILER, which is part of STORY MERCHANT BOOK MARKETING SERVICES.

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