"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Check Out HOLLYWOOD HUCKSTER by David Garber It’s the Hollywood celebrity tell-all that picks up where all the other tell-all’s end!

David Garber's outrageous tell-all “HOLLYWOOD HUCKSTER” is the true story of the television and film industry from the mid ‘70s through the mid ‘80s. The pot-smoking, acid-dropping, counter-culture students of the turbulent ’60s were bringing their skewed comedy, irreverent attitudes and anti-establishment views to America via Hollywood. The lunatics started running the asylum.

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David names names and reveals Huckster’s Hollywood exploits ... like ...

  • getting caught peeing on an Oscar winning Best Actress’s house; then becoming her close friend;
  • persuading MGM to pull The Wizard of Oz from CBS unless the network caved to his negotiation demands;
  • commandeering a t-38 fighter jet for a joy ride;
  • convincing Senator Ted Kennedy to give up the rights to his brother, JFK’s, personal letters.
  • outwitting Bill Cosby for the use of the Hilton yacht;
  • hosting Aaron Spelling, Robert Wagner and all three Charlie’s Angels in his jail cell;
  • conning the U.S. Secretary of State to pressure Warner Brothers to pick up his $5,000 bar tab;
  • having a gun pulled on him by “Sanford and Son” star, Demond Wilson;
  • eluding a “hit” put on him by the L.A. mob 

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