"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Why Marketing For Freelance Writers - By DR. Kenneth Atchity and Ridgely Goldsborough

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Why Marketing For Freelance Writers is a book about a remarkably powerful way to attract, engage and connect with your audience. The book was written with it's core focus being on how freelance writers—including ghost writers--can be more effective in marketing their own work.

As always, it’s an honour to have the opportunity to pose questions to the people that managed to put pen to paper and outline the things that writers think about daily.

Kenneth, welcome.

Thanks, Nadine. It’s good to chat with you again.

Ken, most of our audience already know you well from all the books you have put out there giving insight to everyone that struggles to make their dreams a reality whether in writing or film. You created the book – WHY? Marketing for Freelance Writers - together with Ridgely Goldsborough. What made you decide to create such collaboration?
My old friend and former student Ridgely told me about the new marketing techniques his group have developed and asked me to write a book applying those techniques to writers.

How has writing changed over time?

Writing itself hasn’t changed since storytelling began in ancient cave times. It’s the physical techniques of writing and the delivery vehicles that have changed—from cuneiform styluses among the Babylonians to the stylus pad of today.

How has the need of writers changed?

Writers need audiences. That hasn’t changed. But methods for reaching audiences have become more challenging in direct proportion to the explosive global potential of even the simplest messages—like tweets.

How has marketing one’s writing changed?

Writers must now compete with hundreds of thousands of others with similar skills, but have a forum for the competition—the World Wide Web—that allows literary knights to joust 24/7 with their competitors.

If you could give writers a one sentence tip about what they need to do what would it be?

It’s not about what you do or how you do it that matters to your prospective client, it’s WHY you do it.

How did Ridgely Goldsborough contribute to the book?

Ridgely provided the theory, I was the scribe.

How has the market accepted it thus far?

We haven’t launched the book yet. This interview begins the launch. The book will be given away to your readers free from 7/29-8/3!

Who does this book target?

It targets everyone who writes for others.

What are the key elements to remember in marketing your work?

Key is knowing WHY you write, a discovery that will lead to a whole new dynamic motivation.

You have exclusive videos that writers can go and look at – where can they find these?

Best place to find my videos: kenatchity.blogspot.com and www.storymerchant.com

You have some great worksheets at the back of the book. My only question is once I have sat down and actually worked through them who will help me with constructing the guidelines of my ideas?

You can sign up right in the book for our guidance through the marketing process.

As a final – where to from here? What’s the next step?

For me, I’m launching a whole new series of books about writing… For you, figure out your WHY and communicate it to your entire network!

Nadine Maritz ( formerly known as Cloete) was born in 1981 in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa’s City of Gold. A variety of influencing factors and individuals has helped shape her journey towards writing this her first novel. 

Nadine's Novel “My Addiction: My Gift; My Curse,” is a South African contemporary fiction novel that reflects on the relatable day to day livelihood of an Afrikaans vampire nurse that works in an old age home.  This is the first novel of a series.

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