"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

New Story Merchant Book: Conversations With Dolphins

One of humankind's oldest questions is, are we the only sentient beings in the Universe? Recent discoveries of exoplanets—worlds that may support life in other solar systems—have refueled the debate; but are we sure that we are the only sentient species on our home planet? If we knew for sure that dolphins have language and regularly exchange information would it not forever change our view of animals, in particular our fellow mammals? All those with an enquiring mind will enjoy reading this accessible and enjoyable account concerning recent groundbreaking research conducted by Jack Kassewitz and John Stuart Reid. As this booklet shows, humankind has taken a giant leap forward in answering this important question.

Conversations with Dolphins is a unique true story that takes the reader into the fascinating world of acoustic-physics researcher John Stuart Reid, a leading authority on cymatics, the science of visible sound. Reid takes us on a stimulating journey in which we follow the very thoughts that led him to develop the CymaScope instrument and to image the sonic pictures that he and Floridian dolphin researcher, Jack Kassewitz, believe constitutes our first glimpse of the dolphin sono-visual language. Kassewitz and Reid have begun to explore the extent of the dolphin language and to answer the question, can dolphins create bio-sonar pictures from their imagination, without relying on imaging objects? Their important research could quite literally lead to humankind being able to hold conversations with dolphins.

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This sounds wonderful Ken. Putting it on my reading list.